Almond Milk With Turmeric

Ingredients for making almond milk with turmeric

almond milk with turmeric

Making the golden paste

Use up to 120 ml of water

At least 30g turmeric powder

A pinch of black pepper

Method for making turmeric golden paste

Use a small saucepan and heat up to medium, add the water, turmeric and black pepper to cook, and stir continually until it turns into a thick paste. This takes about about 5 minutes.

After the paste is been formed, take out from the heating, then allow the Golden Paste to cool.

Empty the golden paste from the saucepan into a jar or container put it into the fridge till ready to use.

Making almond milk with turmeric

Ingredients for making turmeric almond milk drink

250 ml of Almond drink

1 tablespoon 0f the Golden Paste made earlier

1 tablespoon organic Coconut oil



Method for almond milk with turmeric

Use a small saucepan and heat up to medium, add the mixture of Almond drink, Golden Paste and coconut oil. Stir continually until warm.

Warm to a medium heat and not to boiling, then remove from heat, add desired quantity of honey and garnish the mixture with some cinnamon as desired.

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