“We looked at best e cigarette, their performance, vapour, battery power, user friendly and other considerations. These 10 best e cigarette came out on top in all the products we reviewed”. 

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V2 EX Series Starter Kit

Introduction to E Cigarette

Welcome to Toodlehub reviews, we are the leading source of product reviews; we are reviewing the best e cigarette, analysis, ratings, and information.

If you can’t decide on which is best e cigarette for you? If you are unsure about several factors that includes the quality of the throat hit for a specific e cigarette brand, or if the company have quality assurance tests done on their e liquids? Also, about the vapour volume and battery performance? All these we do for you.

We provide vaping enthusiasts with detailed analysis on the best e cigarette brands around. We cover every detail for each e cigarette providers we review. We have listed below our top ranked best electronic cigarettes. And we hope you can make informed decisions for yourself.

Top Ranked Best E Cigarette

V2 EX Series Starter Kit

E Cigarette

The redesigned internal structure of the EX Cartridge produces 400+ puffs, and roughly double their classic prefilled model,  even without adding any volume to the cartridge size. This revolutionary internal construction provides a “tank” experience and ensures a consistent flavour profile, from the very first puff to the last. A small window on the side of the cartridge allows you to gauge your remaining e-liquid level at a glance. EX Cartridges have an airtight seal that makes the cartridge totally leak-proof. This seal optimizes air flow, allowing for thicker vapor production without the need for priming. No wonder vapers are rushing for it and that is why it ranked in our top best electronic cigarettes.


E Cigarette

This Plus Kit shares all of the same features as the original kit, such as a high capacity 1000mAh battery, which produces 14 watts of power, as well as a 2.5ml capacity tank, but with some added features.

With the Plus kit you will be getting an extra 5 pack of 1.5 ohm coils and 30ML of One Juice, as opposed to the original 10ml. Vaping does not get much better than this.

Super Cigarette Starter Kit

E Cigarette

This 10cm Starter kit is a perfect match for the real thing. It looks and feels like the real thing, but contains no tar or tobacco and can be smoked anywhere!
A ready-to-use top of best electronic cigarettes which comprises of 1 E Cigarette Battery and 1 E Cigarette Cartomiser. The life span of a cartomiser varies according to personal consumption pattern but on average 1 cartomiser lasts circa 300 puffs.
The Replacement cartomisers are available for this electronic cigarette and come in either Menthol or Tobacco in the following strengths, you choose.

Aspire Starter Kit

E Cigarette

The aspire has a combination of two great devices to form the perfect and best e cigarette kit. The acclaimed K1 Glassomiser and the consistently good Carbon Fiber batteries. Some of the features are; A Stainless Steel Drip TIp,  A Pyrex Glass Tank, 1.5ml Capacity and BVC Coil. You are sure to get your money’s worth.

Black E Cigarette Starter kit – i200

E Cigarette

This i200 Black Electronic Cigarette Kit contains a smokeless cigarette and all the necessary accessories, including a wireless charger. The cigarette works by producing smoke-free nicotine water vapour, which gives you a satisfying hit without the harmful effects of traditional smoking. It replaces your traditional cigarette and makes it easy to cut down further if you so desire.

This starter kit is designed for people that smoke 10 to 20 cigarettes per day. It allows you to replace all your traditional cigarettes with harmless electric cigarettes and then cut down from there. It is simple and easy to use, and it allows you to make an easy transition, without the stress and difficulty associated with giving up smoking.

Eleaf  iJust Start Kit

E Cigarette

This is the evolutionary successor of one of their industry’s most popular starter kits. Trimming down the sizing to two more compact sizes with corresponding battery sizes, alongside a overhaul of the chassis and design towards a sleeker, visually appealing style while maintaining the direct voltage output and single button operation of the original.

The iJust Start Kit is a revision catering towards the entry level consumer from the iJust 2 Starter Kit, maintaining the direct output voltage based system which directly correlates battery life to output voltage.

G6 Starter Kit 

E Cigarette

This G6’s Infiniglow Batteries offers an unmatched power and performance with any other electronic cigarettes, while it’s easy-to-swap cartomizers come in both blank and prefilled options.

With each G6 Starter kits you will get a complete two automatic (78 mm) batteries and five cartomizers of your choice, plus a wall and USB charger in a slick Halo-embossed case. This also make the G6 starter kit of our top ranked best electronic cigarettes, with its unique design combined with its attractiveness to new and old vapers.

The G6 is the ideal E-cigarette for those looking to transition to vaping. Available in nine stylish colors, the G6 offers a familiar form that functions at an elite level. Each G6 features a long-lasting, rechargeable Infiniglow automatic battery.

Triton Tank Kit 


The new Triton Tank System is a sleek, stylish vape pen that incorporates advanced technology into an easy-to-use form. Available in 11 colors, the Triton is perfect for both new and experienced vapers alike. The Triton utilizes a 2.4 ml tank featuring Halo’s Leak Shield technology. Its Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries are among the longest lasting in their class and come available in 650 mAh. All Triton Starter Kit orders will also receive a free 30 ml bottle of Halo or eVo E-liquid.

TOPBOX Mini Platinum Starter Kit

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This mini tank kit is packed with a lot of vapor. It is the perfect compact vaporizer you can take with you anywhere. The mini tank comes with 2 lithium batteries. This product is made from one of the top quality solid stainless steel with a heat resistant tank. For those looking for MOD vapor without the MOD hassle this is for you.

V2 EX Series Standard Plus Starter Kit 


The V2 EX Series Standard Plus Starter Kit was recently introduced to the premium ex line batteries and cartridges. It also has everything you will need to upgrade to the ex line. In using this product you realise its smoothness, style and exceptional design. Our recent trial shows its longevity and saves you loads of money in accessories because it comes with extras. Like two EX Batteries in the designs of your choice, two 5-packs of EX Cartridges and the V2 Charger Kit. The V2 Charger Kit is also compatible with both regular V2 and V2 EX Batteries which is really good.


Whether you’re looking for a simple and lightweight vaping device, or one that you have more control of, you’ll find a our top ranked best e cigarette to be the right choice for you. Form V2 EX Series Starter Kit to the V2 EX Series Standard Plus Starter Kit, you realise that we have carefully handpicked each product for reviewing. Our top ranked e cigarette comes from customers feedbacks, online research, and personal satisfaction. Select each product from our reviews and you will surely come back for more.

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