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“Halogen oven is a growing house hold appliance, and with so much of them out there we at toodlehub reviewed them to see which is best halogen oven stand out. We have reviewed them and below are the top quality ones”

Introduction to Best Halogen Oven

 One of the main features of the halogen oven is the heating chamber which consists

a glass bowl which has a removable glass lid. The heating chamber has a multi level metal racks inside which are used for elevation while cooking.

There is also a circular halogen lamp, a fan which blows hot air and the controls that consists of an automatic shut off timer and the temperature control. The halogen oven has a handle at the heating assembly point to allow the lid to be lifted especially when heated.

Most halogen oven have a hinged lid that are mounted on the rear adjustable support, and it is use to raise the heating assembly to reduce the grilling effect and to increase the volume of the oven.

Also there is a safety shut off switch which shuts off the lamp once the lid is raised during use. There is also a glass bowl with stand to raise it to avoid contact with the table top and reduce heat transfer around the surface. The stand also has handles to allow for easy moving before or after use.

Use the electronic control to turn on the halogen lamp to generate a wave of infrared light which will heat up the air, and the fan circulates the heated air in the chamber through a connective heat transfer and cooks the food in the bowl evenly. Cooking with halogen oven is faster, saves time and energy, and doesn’t make a mess of the oven after cooking unlike other ovens.

Best Halogen Oven Top Pick

Russell Hobbs 18537 Halogen Oven with Timer, 1400 WBUY FROM AMAZON

You may be thinking why we choose this Silver Russell Hobbs Halogen Oven with Timer to be our top pick best halogen oven? I will tell you why.

This nice looking halogen oven has more customer recommendations and works beautifully too. With 11 litres capacity and also has the ability to add another 5 litres stainless expansion ring making it a 16 litres. Nice right?

So if you are an individual or a family this will be good for you. It has a large temperature options ranging from 125 – 250°C and with consistency. There is also an option setting for defrosting food, and the capability to roast, bake and grill with this halogen oven. There is also a two level reversible racks for cooking and a 60 mins timer which can be set to avoid burning the food.

With all this features, it will only cost you 40 – 60 quid to get one. 


Andrew James Halogen Oven In White, 1300 WattsBUY FROM AMAZON

Our second top pick best halogen oven is the Andrew James Halogen Oven, 1300 Watts and Full Accessories Pack. This halogen oven has a 12 litres capacity, and comes with a spare halogen bulb and the full accessories includes; a tray, tong, an extension ring which can extend to 17 litres and a lid holder which can be used to hold the lid when unloading the halogen oven.

With this product you can roast, fry, steam and grill. This is one of the options you should be looking for in halogen ovens. There is also a 60 mins timer which prevents the content from burning, a variable temperature control with a maximum temperatures of 250°C.

Also a 2 years warranty and doesn’t required you to sign up or register. The cost of this beautiful halogen oven ranges from 40 – 55 quid, but currently on sale.


Andrew James 12 Litre Black 1400W Digital Halogen Oven Cooker With Hinged LidBUY FROM AMAZON

Our third top pick best halogen oven is Andrew James 1400W Digital Halogen Oven Cooker With Hinged Lid with Full Accessories Pack, a 2 years warranty. This halogen oven cooker will save up to 40% energy compare to other conventional ovens and cooks faster with up to 40%, amazing.

It is also a digital halogen oven unlike the dial control, basically its operated via buttons. A 12 litres capacity and its extendable ring of up to 17 litres. The accessories that come with this product are; a tong, a low grill rack and a high grill rack, a baking tray, a steamer tray, extension ring, four metal skewers, a toast rack, a rice and cake dish.

Everything packed in one halogen oven. It has a maximum temperature of 250°C, there is a 2 hours timer setting which can be set to avoiding burning the food. A defrost and re-heating setting and a replacement halogen oven bulb and a self cleaning function.

The cost ranges from 50 – 70 quid, that’s really good considering the digital features and accessories included.


Jack Stonehouse Halogen Oven Convection CookerBUY FROM AMAZON

Our fourth top pick best halogen oven is Jack Stonehouse Halogen Oven Convection Cooker with FREE Accessories, 12 litres capacity with extendable ring of up to 17 litres and safe tempered glass cooking bowl. This halogen oven cooks faster and save more energy than a conventional oven. The easy to use controls makes the halogen oven versatile and a range of temperature settings for roasting, baking, steaming and frying.

It also has a defrost setting and a self cleaning settings and a timer to prevent burning. It is potable which allows for easy storage and easy to clean. The accessories that comes with this halogen oven are; cooking bowl and stand, extender ring, low and high grill rack, baking tray, steamer tray, lid holder for holding the lid while unloading the content, tong, a replacement bulb, and sample recipe booklet. That is really ideal for family or individual usage.

This halogen oven will cost from a range of 25 – 40 quid.


Econo® Large Black Premium Convection Halogen Oven CookerBUY FROM AMAZON

Our fifth top pick best halogen oven is the Econo Premium Convection Halogen Oven Cooker, with a capacity of 12 litres extendable ring that extends to 17 litres. A 60 mins timer and basically ideal for low fat cooking. This oven allows for roasting, grilling, frying, steaming and baking.

The powerful heating circulates heated air evenly around the oven, and some of the accessories includes oil spray bottle, 2 x mesh trays, extender ring, lid stand, tong, low and high grilling rack.

This halogen oven will cost from ranges of 30 – 65 quid.


What is Halogen Oven?

Halogen Oven is a counter top oven which utilizes power or heat from a halogen lamp. Used basically for cooking all kinds of food. The halogen ovens are more energy efficient due the fact it uses halogen lamp to heat up and a fan which spread the heat. It also cooks faster than the normal conventional oven. 

What to know About Halogen Oven

Some of the halogen oven have manual controls rotary dials while some have a touch panel digital controls E.g. digital halogen oven.

The halogen comes in different models, some have shorter cord and some have over 19 cm.

The halogen oven has an extension ring which sit on the rim of the halogen oven and it expands the capacity from 11 litres to up to 17 litters which creates more space to cook more food.

Some halogen oven comes with a frying basket and user can use it to air fry.

There is a lid stand that come with it, what this stand does is for the user to place the lid on it especially when trying to take out the hot food.

The steaming tray doesn’t always come with the halogen oven, but it can be used to bake . If you enjoy having some pizza try adding some baking tray to the checklist and they are quite cheep at amazon.

Most halogen oven are really bulky and tends to occupy loads of space from the counter to the cupboard, but the lid comes off to reduces the height.

The tongs are used to take food out from the halogen oven to avoid burning your hands because when bringing out the food, user will have to deep the hands into the bowl to get the food so a tong will help.

Most of the halogen oven come in bundle packages and accessories, but also check for baking trays, steamer tray and spare bulb.

Cleaning and maintaining of Halogen Oven

Most of the halogen oven has a self cleaning setting that cleans the interior of the glass bowl after cooking. Add some warm water into the glass bowl and a little washing liquid then replace the glass lid then turn the temperature setting to wash.

Avoid putting water into the heating system to prevent damage of the halogen oven. When washing the appliance, let it cool down first and follow the process above or use the manual provided in most cases. While cleaning the top of the lid, use a mild wet piece of cloth and wet it with a warm water this allows easy cleaning of any grease on the lid, then wipe it gently and with care.

Avoid dropping the item on the floor, the glass bowl will smash if drop on hard floors, and the lid will damage if dropped on the floor.


Are halogen oven safe to use?

In my opinion yes, they are safe provided you use them as directed by the manufacturer.

Halogen oven are convenience and save time and energy, for first time users it is worth a trial. They are quiet affordable unlike normal ovens that cost a fortune. 

Depending on your budget, all the products we recommend are quiet affordable but its up to you to decide what you want to spend. 

Halogen ovens with accessories included are mostly bought off amazon because it saves you extra 8 – 10 quid to buy them separately. Always check the content and see what works for you according to what you are going to use for.

Depending on the space you have available in your house, some of this halogen oven are bulky, so storage can be challenging especially if you have little storage space. 



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