We looked at the 10 best online survey websites, their performance, conversion rate, payout rate, accessibility and other considerations. These three survey sites came out on top in all the websites we reviewed

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Best Online Survey Websites

Introduction to Surveys

If you want to enjoy the Good Life with best online survey website out there,  and learn how to get paid taking online surveys. Making money in the comfort of your own answering simple surveys online, then this is for YOU!

Taking your time to learn more about the best online survey websites, you will find out that there are countless online survey website making promises which up to 50% of them don’t keep. Been an online survey website is not just bombarding users with question, but paying back.

If you are looking for best online survey websites, there are key features which you want to see. For example, you want a good pay, easy access websites, less advertisement and more direct questions. Most people go for this key features and that is why our top picks stand out.

Top Ranked Best Online Survey Websites


Best Online Survey Websites
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With Survey24, you can take online & phone surveys, Participate in focus groups, you also get the opportunity to try new products & keep them FREE. With survey24, you will get to preview new movie trailers. You don’t need any skills to participate because none is required.

Also, there are no financial risks. Take the survey on your phone or with your laptop and take surveys anywhere you find yourself. They have over 300 participating companies ready to pay out for opinions. You are sure to participate with the top picked best online survey websites. It takes couple of minutes to complete a survey depending on how fast you are.


Click 4 Surveys is an online survey website which allows people to make an enormous amount of money taking surveys and sharing their opinions on different topics. With the opportunity the site has to offer, people can now enjoy filling out many surveys and earn money the entire process at all times.

Best Online Survey Websites

These surveys are really easy and simple. On Click 4 Surveys, a wide range of different high end companies are currently waiting to pay per every survey completed successfully. Such an easy task and it is undoubtedly a great amount of money online. Anyone surely will be able to complete more than one survey if they are quick.

Click4Surveys has been one of the best online survey websites and also most talked about websites and still amongst the most exclusive and easy sites and lots of people make huge amount of money even till now. It takes most people just couple of minutes to start making money, and Click4Survey has loads of offer. With 60 days money back guarantee, you should try it out now.


Best Online Survey Websites
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SurveysPaid is a paid survey site, and offers customers a variety of options. The amount you get paid depends on the company you take survey with. Once you join, you stand a chance of being hired as a full time employee. They offer you the chance to be an employee and work full time or part time.

Surveyspaid mail products to customer to test and give their verdict, you also get the product and still get paid. All you need is an internet connection and you can take surveys anywhere in the world. They pay instantly once the point are reached. You also set your own working hours and you don’t need to be a graduate or computer guru to join. If you know your way around your gadget then you are good to go.

Best Online Survey Websites Guide

How it Works

The websites are a survey company,  and they pay substantial amount of money to people just to know their thought.  They act on behalf  of the user(you) and company looking for opinions on their new or existing products and services.  They want to know how you think, do your shopping and why you buy certain products and services. The online survey websites help these companies that spend billions each year for market research to help them decide if a product is worth their time and money. This survey helps them improve their products and services, and they pay really good money for your opinion. Students, Housewife, Stay-at-home Mom, Retired, Working full-time, or just looking to make some extra cash, these companies welcomes anyone. Is all about the money!
The process are: Wake up in the morning, check your email and click on a survey link. Only few minutes to answer some basic questions and when you’re done you get paid either by voucher of cash depend on your choice.


Some of these companies will ask for a sign up fee, this is to avoid time wasters, but users still get paid after taking the surveys. Once you are signed up, they send you a welcome email and every morning you will get survey emails. There will be an enormous influx of emails coming in, we advise that you sign up for new email to use for surveys. Some of these websites require you the get a certain amount of points  before you get paid. Survey sites don’t only offer paid surveys, the also sell the information provided to them by user to companies, we strongly recommend creating a new email.

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