Best Window Security- Is Doberman Security Alarms Best Window Alarms ?

Doberman Security Alarms

Doberman Security Alarms

Best Window Alarms

Doberman Security Alarms

With more than one million home burglaries  reported each year, installing best window alarms is not an option left to chance any more. Out of 66% of reported residential break-ins,half are due to lack of best window alarms. A little tweak to your home security system, could be the differentiating factor between being broken into and keeping your family safe. Commonly thieves are likely to try windows which are often unsecured before anything else on any home security systems..

Best window alarms is a great start when it comes to securing your family and possessions.

Here we have featured top ten best window alarms money can buy. These home security systems are easy to install yet very robust for their purpose.

Top Window Alarms Doberman Security Alarms

Doberman Security SE-0106-4PK Ultra-Slim Window Alarm


Doberman ultra-slim window alarm allows you to protect any window. You simply peel and stick the device to any window and then its sensor detects vibration and emits a 100 Fb alarm to alert you if there’s any break-in.

The design of this fantastic alarm is easy to use on sliding windows and also includes a warning sticker.

Often burglars smash windows instead of prying them, but with Doberman the intruder will be faced with a loud scary sound that will get them running away, it also detects any disturbance to the glass.

However, if you are buying doberman’s best window alarms,you must keep in mind that this alarm is designed to detect even the smallest form of movement or someone trying to break the glass window, in short, the alarm is loud but too sensitive that it would be set off by a cat pawing your window because this sensitivity, it will definitely let you know if someone is trying to break your glass.

GE 45174 Magnetic Indoor Window Alarms, 4 Pack


This is the simplest best window alarms for your home, it is easy to install, there are absolutely no wiring needed, there is off/chime/ alarm switch selection for indoor use only and includes 1LR44 Battery for each alarm.

GE magnetic is the best window alarm systems available ,that let’s you know every time a window in your house is opened, they can be used right away as you simply stick to any window and feel secure knowing that you will be alerted if anything unusual happens.

These battery operated home security systems are great in their area of use, they give you a peace of mind knowing that your home is protected.

They are so easy to use, just stick on with the double sided tape and switch to alarm, chime or off position.

The chime chimes once but the alarm sirens stays on all the time to alert you if an intruder opens your window.

Stalwart 72-852075 8 Piece Mini Security System Alarm


These powerful window alarm will scare away intruders and can definitely be used to secure anything. There are 8 separate sets ready for installation. The on on/off switch allows you to open protected projects without the alarm sounding.

Keep your home protected the easy way, these alarms use a magnetic sensor to detect the opening of a protected window, a 105 dB alarm will then alert you to an attempted entry and scare off potential intruders

SABRE Wireless Window Glass Break & Vibration Detector Alarm with Security Warning Decal


Will alert you when someone hits the window hard enough to break the glass.

Installation is in minutes maximum, you just remove battery tab and then peel and stick.
The easy way to test the Alarm is to just lightly tap the window glass with a coin and it will correct the vibration to set the alarm off. The device is not large so they don’t take up a lot of window real estate, they can be turned on and off easily using the switch. The Alarm is high pitched and can be a little bit annoying but not incredible loud and are sensitive in the high setting.

The ismart Window Alarm


The iSmart Window Alarm systems uses your home network to monitor the security of your home and transmit security warnings to your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. It is a good starting point, but for most users there will be additional costs for equipment and which could quickly get expensive. The apps and a solid home network are key to providing service to the system, so if they are down – you have no system.

NOTE: I actually received the ‘Premium Package’ which includes 1 (iCamera) – pictured in photos. The camera provides excellent picture quality and when connected to the system allows for panning a room, taking snapshots and remote use as long as it can be powered by AC.

The equipment does use an app interface; both for Apple devices via iOS and Android smartphones and tablets via an Android app. Both apps are free and installed easily on iPhone 4S, iPad 3, iPad mini, Samsung S3 smartphone and Android tablet.

Elgato Eve Room, Wireless Indoor Sensor with Apple HomeKit technology


Elgato Eve is the best Window Alarm security system that understands whether your window is open or closed, live smarter knowing that the place you care about most is safe

Taking advantage of Apple’s revolutionary Home-Kit technology, Eve offers unparalleled ease of use, advanced security, and tight integration with Siri. Eve is the best Window Alarms that connects directly to your iPhone or iPad using Bluetooth Smart technology, without requiring a hub, gateway or bridge.

The app only works and can only tell me if my window is open if I am within Bluetooth range of the device. From my testing, that is not that far. So, when I would really want to know if my window is open or not.

Swann SWO-ASH01K SwannOne Advanced Smart Home Control Kit


Swann Swo’s Best window alarm security system combines with the Swann One Smart Hub to monitor entrances to homes,

it sends alerts via the Swann One app & which triggers an audible alarm if door or window is opened or closed.

It  Includes 2 AAA batteries & 3M Command strips to enable easy installation & relocation and requires Swann One Indoor or Outdoor siren.

Doberman Security Alarms SE-0165 Mini Window Alert (Silver)


Install this sensor on your windows and never have break-in problem again. This alarm is much smaller than you envision from the picture on the website. It is about 1 1/2″ in diameter and 3/4″ thick. It comes with an adhesive back, you just pull the backing and stick it on the glass. Turn it on and you are in business.

It is sensitive enough. If an intruder in anyway tries to break your glass window, the alarm will make a sound that will leave them thinking twice. There are two in the package so you could put one on top pane and lower pane. This works great on a single pane of glass, but if you have a split window (a window that slides open), you will

Wireless Remote Control Vibration Alarm For Window


Wireless Remote Control Vibration Alarm for Door Window Possessions Security. 100% brand new and high quality Wireless Vibration Alarm with infra-red remote control. Simple to operate and reliable. Perfect to protect your shop- office- home- possessions or anywhere anything requiring protection.

Alarm with ON/OFF switch- and remote control with Alarm and Disarm buttons for easy operation. Very convenient magnetic back and wall mount hole for easy installation. Remote control with keying and clip for easy carrying. Has 120dB alarm sound which can last about 40 seconds.  Remote control range is up to 25 meter ! Remote control can through walls.  It is Powered by a 6F22 DC 9V battery.

Korner Home Security And App For Windows


Korner is Simple and best window alarm system for your home security, ideal for apartments, renters and homeowners on a budget, or add up to 22 more window and door sensors for larger homes. Setup in minutes and portable, so take it when you move! Control and receive alerts on the App.

Invite friends, family and neighbors so they can help secure your home. Wireless range between Stick and Tags up to 100ft, or double range with an Extender. Stick emits loud alarm siren in home. Sensors detect motion of swinging or sliding window or door.

Arm and Disarm this home surveillance system from anywhere. Create a Security Circle comprised of your friends, family and neighbors from the contacts on your phone. Then when you get an alert on the Korner App you can involve your community or call the police with one press of a button! iOS, Android and web App. Set schedules for arming and disarming. And arm zones of sensors

Instillation takes  about 10 mins for 3 sensors. I suggest you use a butter knife to pry the cover off the sensor before you stick on the door or window. Otherwise it’s a pain to remove the cover once it’s stuck on the door/window. You can use an adapter run a CAT 5 cable from the router to the “stick” so that you could place the “stick” where you want, That way if it’s beeping, the burglars can’t just find your modem and router easily and unplug the whole setup right away before  cams catch them in action.

How To Choose Doberman Security Alarms And Best Window Alarm  For Your Home 

Doberman Security Alarms

Including  window alarms  in your home’s security system makes good sense. There’s a reason this feature is the most popular device in home security—it’s the first step toward preventing home intrusion. But, as with any security feature, every household is different and families need to determine their unique needs to ensure optimal protection from door and window sensors.

The following may be helpful in making the best choice:

Determine which windows you want protected.  If they are not accessible, they may not need to be armed.

If you want the ability to arm an open window, be sure you opt for vented window sensors.

Does the company you’re considering offer maintenance and repair service?

Is the alarm simple enough for every household member to use?

Are there secondary pass codes for family members or relatives to arm and disarm the system?

Do you want a safety sensor that also can detect broken glass, drilling or sawing that may be missed by basic open-close sensors?