Beurer Foot SPA Review

Beurer Foot SPA

Beurer Foot SPA and Foot Massage


Great performance and practicalities.

The FB50 Beurer Foot SPA has a very long list of capabilities, it can heat the water and keeps it nice and warm for the duration of the treatment.


The massage action relieves tension.

The extra tools are very useful, with pumice stone being my favourite tool out of the three included.

Limited noise, when using the bubble functionality, the motor is quiet (although this is a relative term and some people will always complain), so it is possible to listen to music while relaxing.

Luxury design, the unit is nice looking and easy to use.

It has a larger size than most foot spas in the market so people with larger feet will love it.

Comfortable, using this foot bath is very tranquil at the end of a long day on your feet.

Very refreshing for tired feet, especially when you add some dead salts or essential oils into the water.

You need to get used to the massage rollers that are on the floor of the unit, but I think it’s good to have them there and you can remove them if you don’t like them.


Pedicure attachments, the pedicure attachments included as a bonus are useful and give very good results but it may take some time to learn how to use them properly.

No easy pour spout, the unit is a little large and hard for some users to move about, so an easy pour spout would be very useful.

I had no problem to lift it to the sink while filled with water but I can see that some people may struggle with it.


All-in-all, I presume the Beurer Foot SPA FB 50 is a good value for foot care and whole wellness. I can firmly recommend it and I think also the vast majority of other users are well-satisfied with the foot bath and its performance.

For people who have foot problems, people who must stand to work and those who simply enjoy a good foot soak, this unit is sure to fill the bill. I feel confident this Beurer FB50 review has been useful to you.

I’ve tried to be very objective and honest, and cover all the important areas you should know about.