How To Prevent Hair Fall For Male

How To Prevent Hair Fall For Male

4th November 2017 editorial 1

How to prevent Hair Fall for Male How to prevent hair fall for male: Are you seeing layers of hairs on your pillow and bathing towels almost every day? Are you beginning to think your […]

Hair Loss

Hair Loss – Types Of Hair Loss

19th October 2017 Editorial 6

Types Of Hair Loss I felt a need to start this discussion to talk about the main types of hair loss. These balding types are: Telogen effluvium Androgenetic alopecia Alopecia areata It’s true that in […]

Hair Loss Men

Hair Loss Men – Causes Of Hair Loss

18th October 2017 Editorial 1

Hair Loss MenĀ  Most men will experience hair thinning by the time they turnĀ  50, and about 85% of men will have major hair thinning. Also, by 21 most men will have hair loss. The […]