CJ affiliate marketing network or Commission Junction has everything you could possibly need to run a successful affiliate marketing strategy. If you run a blog or a website which has a large following and you want to monetize your traffic, Commission Junction or CJ affiliate marketing network is the right place.

CJ affiliate marketing network has a very large selection of advertisers and affiliates (publishers) which you can choose from with large known brands. Commission Junction has a large variety of features for your marketing strategy and efforts. With the a built in standard reporting tools which helps you monitor and see results for your affiliate marketing effort.

Commission Junction is indeed among the best affiliate networks to work with. Both new and old affiliates and advertiser enjoy a lot of benefits on Commission Junction, all you need is sign up an account either as an advertiser or as an affiliate and start earning commissions with this robust affiliate marketing network.

commission junction

Key Features of Commission Junction

  1. Vast Number of Advertisers: When you join Commission Junction affiliate marketing network, you will get access to a large selection of verified advertisers. Some of the advertiser on commission Junction are top rated internet advertisers, unlike most affiliate marketing networks. With Commission Junction, be rest assured you will find quality and reliable products and services for your marketing campaigns.
  2. Variety of features: You are more likely to fall short of features with other affiliate networks, but not with Commission Junction affiliate marketing network. Commission Junction affiliate network has being around since 1998, which is a long time, and today you can enjoy some of their upgraded features like product widgets, deep link generator, deep link automation, a comprehensive advertisers tools and affiliate program tool and much more. You will experience great affiliate marketing network with Commission Junction.
  3. Statistics and Report: This affiliate marketing network provides an in-depth affiliate statistics and report of all activities. You can choose the option of daily, monthly and yearly reports and statistics of all your activities. With this features, you are able to see your performance and also see areas where improvements are need.
  4. Earning A Good Commission:  Commissions are paid by Commission Junction directly to affiliates, you don’t have to wait for advertisers to issue out a cheque. Once the consolidated commissions from advertisers are above their threshold, the payments or commissions are sent out to affiliates. This affiliate marketing network is good at paying directly to affiliates, unlike other affiliate networks which results to a sporadic payment options.
  5. Using With Ease: CJ affiliates network is very easy to navigate. For an advertiser all you need to do is go directly to advertisers category and all the features you need are right there. You don’t have to search around to find what you want to work it, same with publishers/affiliates. Commission Junction affiliate marketing network provides easy access for account holders especially for their search functions. Just type in what you are looking for and you will get options relating to your search criteria.

Possible Downsides

With CJ affiliates programs you can easily get turned down by some affiliate programs. CJ affiliate network has a large affiliate programs to choose from, and some will turn down your request to join their affiliate program. Don’t get turned off by CJ affiliate networks because you have other choices to make in terms of choosing your desired affiliate programs. Always remember that not all affiliate programs will like to see their ads displayed on your blog or on your websites.

Good Customer Support

While using CJ affiliate marketing network and you encounter a problem, you can quickly contact them on phone. CJ affiliate network provides direct access for advertisers and affiliates so you don’t have to worry if you are get stuck on something. Wanting to get the right information is everyone’s priority, and CJ affiliates have that in mind. CJ affiliate network has a support center which contain helpful documentations on publishers training tutorials, affiliate marketing glossary, internet tax, publisher promotional methods and all you need to know about CJ affiliate marketing network.

commission junction

CJ Affiliate Network Conclusion

CJ affiliate marketing network has been around since 1998, and has generated a massive customer database. Compared to other affiliate networks, CJ affiliates delivers a good and quality services for advertisers and affiliates with packed features to meet all your needs. Joining this affiliate marketing program is something you will not regret, with huge advertisers and publisher/affiliates to choose from. If you want to get the best out of your website or blog, and earn a substantial commission from your following, give CJ affiliate marketing network a chance.