Hair Curler: How To Quickly Curl Long Hair With The Help Of Hair Curler – Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl

Hair Curler

How to quickly curl long hair with the help of hair

curler – Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl

Long hair can pose a huge challenge when you want to quickly style it like in five minutes, you might think it’s not possible but i can tell you that with a Hair curler like Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl in your hands, you can pretty much do a whole lot of goodness  to achieve your dream hairstyle .

Babyliss pro perfect curl is indeed a godsend piece of ware to have as you attempt to style your hair,  I must point it out that am talking from experience of a woman who has suffered at the hands of unruly hair, and impatient husband who is like spot on when it comes to time keeping on those dinner dates you want to look great.

Am hopeless when it comes to keeping time, but I also know that my troubles are my love for curly hair.

Thank goodness for Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl, now i will not only look hot in my nicely curly hair, but it will also solve my shameless lack of time keeping on our Wednesday dinner dates! My daughter’s naturally curly, and am so jealous of her hair which Is to die for.


Last christmas was a turning point to my curly hair troubles, Finally after torturing my husband for years, he finally curved in and brought me hair curler from the babyliss pro perfect curl range. But here’s the kicker! Because Edrian wasn’t sure of which hair curler would be ideal for me, he decided to just buy two, a babyliss pro perfect curl and another set of curling tongs for short hair. 

Curling Tongs For Short Hair

Call me ungrateful, but if i had to use hair curlers, especially curling tongs am sure I would not buy curling tongs for short hair. This is not to say there’s anything wrong with curling tongs for short hair, but my husband knows I have shoulder long hair and as my daughter has natural curly hair, she wont need curling tongs for short hair.

Am confused!

Is he sending me some sort of encrypted messages here? It surely left me wondering if he bought curling tongs for short hair just to say “hey get that long hair cut bitch!”

Definitely  this man is up to no good!

How to quickly curl Long Hair With The Help Of Hair curler

First off, you will either need a small barrel hair tong or a babyliss pro perfect curl, you will need a good hair bush, hair clips, boby pins and hairspray.

What you need to do is brush your tail ends of your hair to prepare it for your hair curler to go to work. At this point it doesn’t matter whether you are using babyliss pro perfect curl or hair tongs, just give your hair a nice brush.

Now if you are wearing luxy hair, this might take bit of time to make sure that your luxy hair is well prepped for babyliss pro perfect curl to do it’s thing!

The methods explained in this post is for you if you are always short on time and you want to quickly achieve trendy hair curls to wow your other half.

When you are ready, separate your hair into two equal sections left and write. It also has to be pointed out that my preference for a small barrel hair tong would be to get small hair curls and if you are using babyliss pro perfect curl the procedure is the same except for your hair portioning when doing your hair curls.

babyliss pro perfect curlbabyliss pro perfect curl or any hair curlers where you want to achieve bigger curls can be done by a variation of hair portions but the pros and the cons are that a small hair tong would take a little long than when you do small hair curls.

Under normal circumstances take a portion of about an inch of luxy hair to turn it into a nice hair curler

Unlike babyliss pro perfect curl, when you are using curling tongs for short hair with small or  large barrel curling wand taking a test run is always the best way to get the perfect results any hair curlers can give.


Make sure not to over-do your hair curlers as you approach the hair ends, use common sense when using curling tongs for short hair with small barrel wand or  large barrel curling wand. Babyliss pro perfect curl has a built in mechanism that controls how the hair curler approaches the tail ends and your root hair.

Carefully take your hair off the large barrel curling wand, give it a nice and quick hair brush once more to make sure that there is no loose ends hanging. The gently but tightly snag wrap your luxys into the hair curler while positioning the babyliss pro perfect curl or curling tongs for short hair with small / large barrel curling wand away from your face.

Once you have finished rolling your luxy hair into the hair curler, hold it for about 10 to 15 seconds, and gently release it to reveal the wonders of your large curling wand

Hair Curler

With large curling wand all you have to do now is just repeat the process, rinse and repeat making sure that you are placing the large curlingwand away from your face and when you releasing the hair from your hair curler, do it gently.

After you have finished with your large curling tongs, pick up your hair spray and do over gently so your hair does not get too damp from the hair spray.

Hair Curler

Now it’s time to toss your fingers gently through your nicely curled hair to separate the large curling left by your hair curlers


As you can see from the image, the large curling tongs have done an impeccable job, but to make sure that you get a wow curly hairly day then make sure that you gently do the finger tossing all the way to the top.

Hair Curler

Large curling hair tongs just work! And we are not over yet folks, nice looking hair curls are really sexy and fab but sometimes what is fab is not always great especially when your curly hair keeps getting in the way while working or eating. To sort this out we take a small portion of curled hair from front to the head side.

Hair Curler

Give it a little twirl and twist to hold it down with our lovely boby hair pin.

Hair Curler

I will do the same with the other side of my head depending on how I want to wear my hair that day.

Hair Curler

Usually with large curling hair tongs, I will drop abit of hair in front and pull a small section to the back and give it a twist and clip with my handy boby pin.

Hair Curler

Working with pins is optional depending on how your hairstyle is worn but for large curling tongs that give you these results it is alwalys advised to conveniently pin your hair to save you from fussing about your hair all day long.

Ta-da! That’s my not so perfect curly hair in just under 10 minutes, if you like my  How to quickly curl Long Hair With The Help Of Hair curler – Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl

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