Hair Loss Men – Causes Of Hair Loss

Hair Loss Men

Hair Loss Men 

Hair Loss Men

Most men will experience hair thinning by the time they turn  50, and about 85% of men will have major hair thinning. Also, by 21 most men will have hair loss.

The Truth About Hair Loss

Many people wonder if wearing a baseball cap can you go bald.

The answer is no.

Also, always running fingers through your hair will not make you go bald.

Combing your hair will also not make a man go bald.

Brushing hair doesn’t make you go bald either.

Twisting your hair doesn’t make you go bald, rather when done wrongly can break the strands, so is styling.

Hair Loss Men

What Causes Hair Loss Men?

Some people believe that baldness is due to stress, while others think carrying heavy items on your head can cause hair loss. But most hair loss men result from male-pattern baldness, this is a genetic trait from either parent.

Excess vitamin A can also be a contributor to baldness.

Not having enough protein in your system can also be a contributing factor.

In most cases, illness or stress can lead baldness; the heavy shedding of hair is also called telogen effluvium.

Hair loss can reverse itself if not caused by the male pattern baldness.

Quitting smoking can save your hair

Smoking can be argued to be a contributor to hair loss men because this can worsen the case of hair loss.

Hair loss and health

Alopecia is what the doctors call hair loss, has no health issues nor does it carry any sign of health problems. Almost every man worry about their hair loss which is a common thing but shouldn’t be a cause for alarm.

Hair Loss Men


Using Hair Loss Products

Once the hair is gone getting it back can be very difficult, getting involved in hair loss products is not a guarantee to get your back.

There are too many hair loss products out there and some of them cost a fortune with no results instead, it results in more hair loss.

Take care of what you left and don’t be bothered about it as hair loss is neither a sickness nor a curse.

You have a choice of visiting your doctor for help and advice.

Hair Loss Men Medications


Minoxidil is an approved treatment which can be applied to the scalp of your hair, approved by FDA and can be bought over the counter.

What this does is slow the hair loss on your head and can also help in new hair growth.

Its like weight loss medication, once you stop using it, there is a big fat chance the hair loss fights back.


Finasteride is a prescription pill which slows down your body’s DHT (Dihydrotestosterone, a sex hormone created from testosterone in the body) assembly line.

While it slows down your body DHT, some men have actually been able to grow new hair using finasteride.

While experts believe finasteride works better than minoxidil, but the two only works if you are using it and once you stop you will embrace your baldness again.

Advice: It can cause birth defects in baby boys, pregnant moms should avoid using it.

Hair Loss Men Medications

Hair Loss and Hairpiece

Should bald men wear a hairpiece?

It is not a crime to wear it and no one should stop you from wearing one if you decide.

The hairpiece is not a new thing; it’s been around for a very long time. They don’t come cheap, and it takes time to find a matching one for your hair color, thickness and curl.

You can find cheap and expensive ones, low and high-quality ones also. They do require continuous maintenance and such maintenance cost money.

Hair Transplant

How Does a hair transplant Work?

Hair transplant can be very costly and its done by a doctor.

The process of hair transplant is by moving healthy hair from either the back of your head or sides to the affected areas which is usually the front and middle head.

The process of hair transplant takes time, this is because it is done a few times for it to work. After sometimes the transferred hair will fall out before new strands begin to grow, then after 5-6 months, you will begin to see a more normal hair.

Covering the Hair Loss Area

Your pattern of styling can cover up the hair loss areas.

Avoid combing by cutting thin hair short.

Using hair growth products like shampoo, conditioners, and styling products can help add some volume to your hair.

Eating healthy balanced diet will also help.

Don’t over stress your hair either by pulling or combing when dry, handling with care can sustain your remaining hair.

Hair Loss Men Medications

Words of Encouragement

Always stay positive towards it because your hair doesn’t make you a healthy or unhealthy man.

What you cant control is how much hair you are losing, but what you can control are your shape and health.

Seek support if you think you need one about your hair loss.

There are many men with hair loss and they still look handsome, use them as a source of encouragement and inspiration.

People don’t choose you as friends because you are bald, your character and attitude get you some liking instead.

Remember, there are women who like bald men, some like bearded men, while some like men with completely shaved beard and hair.

So, be positive with yourself and let other more important things worry you.

Welcome to my bald club friends.


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