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Hairstyle Colors

The engagement of hairstyle colors in hairdressing adds that extra special element of “Wow Factor” to the chosen hairstyle colors. Color can bring life to the hair in a way like no other.

The use of such additional hair treatment can help bring out the skin shading of an individual as well as increased desire.

Red hair

Red Hair

Red hair is the rarest natural hair color. This is the color that breathes fire, much like the Phoenix and is also commonly associated with all things hot. This fiery color can give a glow to any skin complexion and boost the confidence of the wearer almost instantly.


Blonde hair

Blonde Hair

Blonde hair can bring out the Midas touch and breathe a breath of fresh air into a brand new look. It is one of the most different natural hair shades and comes with it a sense of mystery and purity. This color spiced up with highlights and lowlights is very captivating too. This very same shade has helped give fame to the legendary Marilyn Monroe and also Madonna.

Brown hair

Brown Hair

Brown hair is a standard color and has many natural shades. This is common, yes, but for good reason, this shade generates a feeling of warmth. The middle ground of hair color and as with blonde hair, highlights and lowlights will enhance this look.

Black Hair

Black Hair

Black hair is the most common hair color when you include all hair types. This shade can be seen in a variety of textures, and for such a dark color it is amazing how much light can reflect from it. Black hair can be extremely desirable as well as enchanting. This color is popular among rock stars and gothic follower.

What To Know About Hairstyle Color

Hair color tends to be more striking in a person when the color is more un-natural for their birth race. An example of this would be; if an Italian had blonde or light brown hair, with their Italian features, they could be seen as a rarity. Another appealing extreme is the midnight blues and dark reds, these colors ooze confidence, especially when combined with a cutting-edge hairstyle.

Streaking the hair can be very bold in statement and benefits well from well-picked colors. This tradition stems from the punk era, an era which has evolved and has since found a place on the catwalk with such styles being recreated on models by elite stylists.

Experimenting with color is not only good for the stylist and their creativity but the client as well, as such changes can help raise a client’s self-esteem.

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