Holistic Therapy Best Essential Oils

What is holistic therapy?

Holistic therapy is a healing process which does not focus its healing on a particular system in the body, but rather aim to root out any underlying causes of the problem in the entire human body system. By doing so it targets the whole body’s physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual states of the wellbeing of the body.

In holistic therapy, holistic therapist believes that just treating a particular symptom in the body isn’t enough to eliminate the problem. This is because when the root of the problem/symptom is not treated, the whole treatment isn’t complete, but addressing the physical, spiritual, emotional and behavioral problems can improve the general wellbeing and a sense of health.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are organic compounds which are extracted from plants, these plants are not just any plant, but plants which have known to heal. The use of these essential oils for any healing is known as aromatherapy (holistic treatment) which aims to improve the whole wellbeing of the body to include the emotional health, physical health, and mental health.

The use of essential oil for holistic therapy has been around for centuries which improves relaxation, mental awareness, good quality sleep, common cold, stress relief, skin irritation, inflammation, psoriasis, cuts and bug bites.

Essential oils are known to have a remarkable scent and purity, and also serves as nature’s fragrance in and around our environment. But among the huge benefit is the health benefits it provides.

The therapeutic compounds found and extracted for these oils have a huge effect in a human body and can dramatically change or reverse any negative or problematic body symptoms into a positive overall good health of the mind, body, soul, and emotion of a person.

List of Holistic therapy best essential oils

There is a huge number of holistic therapy best essential oils out there, and all serve different purposes, but these selected few and the top holistic therapy best essential oils and the most popular essential oils you can buy to keep your whole body system in good healthy balance.

1. Frankincense oil

The frankincense oil has many therapeutic properties essential for the human body and its extracted from the resin of the frankincense trees by distilling.

Frankincense Essential Oils Benefits
Frankincense Essential Oils Benefits
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Benefits of frankincense essential oil

  • It reduces skin irritation
  • It enhances human memory
  • It increases the body ability to relax
  • It supports oral health
  • It targets and reduces inflammation in the body
  • It helps to maintain and improve blood flow and circulation
  • It produces and promotes good hormones

2. Neroli oil

The neroli oil has many therapeutic properties essential to the human body and its extracted from the blossom (flower) of a bitter orange tree. The neroli oil is also used in skin and hair care products and has a wonderful fragrance.

Artizen Neroli Essential Oil
Artizen Neroli Essential Oil
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Benefits of neroli essential oil

  • It is used for skin toning
  • Suitable for vegans also
  • Used for calming the nerves and ease into a slumber
  • Cures skin infections
  • Helps to lighten acne scars and spots
  • Use to treat typhoid
  • Used to treat cholera and food poisoning
  • Acts as an antidepressant
  • Stimulates cell growth
  • Fight stretch marks and broken capillaries
  • Use to relax the muscles

Holistic Therapy Best Essential Oils

3. Myrrh oil

The myrrh oil has many therapeutic properties essential to the human body and its a natural gum/resin extract from small, thorny tree species called Commiphora myrrha. The myrrh oil is used as perfume, incense and for medical healing.

Myrrh Essential Oil
Myrrh Essential Oil
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Benefits of myrrh essential oils

  • Holds powerful cleansing properties for mouth and throat
  • Use to support healthy well-being and emotional balance
  • Use as a mouthwash against infections and decay
  • Use for oil pulling against toxins and bacteria
  • use to maintain and grow healthy hair
  • Use for the healing of wounds
  • Use of Acne treatment
  • Use to reduce a cough
  • Use to improve digestion and reduce indigestion
  • Use to improve circulation and support the immune system
  • Use to reduce pain (muscle, cramps)

4. Vetiver oil

The vetiver oil has many therapeutic properties essential to the human body and has a heavy fragrance similar to a touch of lemon, derived from the root of a plant (bunchgrass). Use for grounding, stabilizing and calming.

Vetiver Essential Oil
Vetiver Essential Oil
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Benefits of vetiver essential oil

  • Use to improve children’s behavior
  • Use for calming emotions
  • Use for massaging
  • Use to promote a restful sleep
  • Use to improve anxiety and brain health
  • Use for Lyme prevention (a disease carried by ticks)
  • Use as a bug repellant
  • Use for chemotherapy relief
  • Use to reduce inflammation
  • Use to reduce scars appearance
  • Use to reduce bacterial infections
  • Use for skin moisture

5. Sage Oil

The sage oil has many therapeutic properties (antifungal) essential to a human body and it is a medicinal herb derived from the storm of sage leaf. Used for soothing and uplifting properties.

Sage Essential oil
Sage Oil
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Benefits of sage essential oil

  • It is used to aid in digestion
  • Use to eliminate scars
  • Used to slow down the aging process
  • Use to regularise menstrual cycles
  • Use to clear away a stormy dark mood (mood swings)
  • Use for massages, in the bath or vaporization
  • Has the ability to strengthen the sense and vital centers in the body and support metabolism
  • Help to support the respiratory, reproductive, and nervous system of the body
  • Help in coping with despair and mental fatigue
  • Reduces the harmful effects of toxins
  • Use to treat bacterial and microbial
  • Use to slow the aging process
  • Use to relieve cramps
  • Use as a remedy for a cough and convulsion
  • Use for relaxation
  • Use to reduce a headache

Can essential oils be applied directly to the skin?

Some people claim to have applied directly to the skin. A woman said to have rubbed myrrh essential oils on her feet at night and it has helped eliminate the pain she has. Applying it to her feet means the oil works it’s way up the body, she claims. But to be on a safe side, we encourage you not to apply directly to the skin, instead, it should be diluted with a carrier oil. Essential oils are very concentrated, which is why you should dilute it before applying to the skin, it can either be in a fatty oil or in water.

Are all essential oils safe?

Essential oils are useful to the human body only when used as directed to. Most essential should not be used undiluted, not only because they are expensive, but because some of them can have a diverse effect on the skin if undiluted. Some essential oils are marked safe like lavender oil, rose oil and chamomile oil, these are marked safe for skin use.

Can you ingest essential oil?

In aromatherapy, there are places where ingestion is done, but just like any other strong synthetic pharmaceuticals, the ingestion of essential oils should be done with extreme care and only for the shortest period by a fully certified aromatherapist. I single drop can do huge damage.

Holistic Therapy Best Essential Oils

Is it safe to vape essential oils?

Most essential oils are safe but not all are for vaping, to buy essential oils for vaping, you need expert recommendations so to be able to acquire essential oils made for vaping.

How much coconut oil do you mix with essential oils?

  • Use the 2% essential oil dilute rate for adults which is=
  • 2 drops of essentials oils + 1 tablespoon of coconut oil
  • Use 0.25% dilution rate for babies 3-24 months
  • 1 drop of essential oil + 4 tablespoons of coconut oil.

Oils to use to dilute essential oils?

It is recommended to use a carrier oil like vegetable oil, such as coconut oil, olive oil and grapeseed oil which can be used to dilute essential oils. These carrier oils ensure that essential oils are comfortable to the skin when applied.

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