How To Make Your Hair Frizzy And Poofy

How To Make Your Hair Frizzy And Poofy

How To Make Your Hair Frizzy And Poofy

How To Make Your Hair Frizzy And Poofy

How do you make your hair frizzy?

Frizzing your hair can be a great part of your costume for a particular occasion. This hairstyle is very inexpensive but will need your time and labor to have it.

To have this hairstyle, you will need a friend to help you do the back of your hair.

To learn more about how to make your hair frizzy and poofy, here are the 14 steps to make your hair frizzy.

1 Wash and Condition your hair

Wash your hair with Pantene or Tresemme to remove excess oil, dirt and build up.

Clean hair will take better new style.

Condition it to keep it soft and healthy.

Pantene and Tresemme have a heat shield shampoo/ conditioner that protects your hair from any damage.


2 Blow-dry your hair so that it is uniformly dry

After washing your hair, you will need to blow it so that it is straight and dry or you can just towel your dry your hair.

At this point, you just need your hair to be clean and dry.


3 Apply a light hold mousse to your hair

Apply the mousse when your hair is clean and dry in preparation for styling.

This will make it easy for your hair to hold the style without making it stiff.

Use (tennis ball sized) amount of mousse if you have short hair and a softball sized amount for long or thick hair.


4 Take a section of your hair and clip it up

Get the upper section of your hair out of the way by clipping it on top of your head so that you are able to work with the bottom section of your hair.

You can divide up your hair into four quadrants and style one quadrant at a time.

You will need to purchase the u-pins and hair clips for this hairstyle to work.


Bestseller U-Pins and Hair Clips

How To Make Your Hair Frizzy And Poofy

5 Make a one-inch square section of your hair

Use a comb and gently rake the pointed end of the comb across your scalp making a square about an inch wide by an inch tall.

Grab the piece of hair from this section of your hair.

You will work through the four quadrants of your whole head making sections like these in each quadrant before moving onto another quadrant.

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6 Place the section of hair inside the u-pin

Then, place the u-pin close to the base of your head so that it is almost touching.

Don’t leave too much room between the u-pin and your head to avoid losing the volume of your hair.

7 Weave the strand in and out of the pin

Start at the base of u-pin that is near your head and have the pin face out horizontally then weave out the hair in and out of the pin from side to side creating a figure eight pattern until you get to the end of the pin.

8 Spray your hair with a thermal hair spray

Thermal hair spray protects against heat damage and the spray will also give your hair texture and help it hold the style.


9 Iron your hair in the pin

Your flat iron should be on medium heat.

Your medium setting should be approximately 290 degrees.

Clamp your straightener on the hair at the bottom part of the pin furthest from your head and then move the straightener up toward your head.

Do not straighten your hair for more than 5 seconds.

Still on how to make your hair frizzy and poofy..

How To Make Your Hair Frizzy And Poofy

10 Make another one-inch square section of hair and repeat the steps

Do this around your whole head and you should work methodically in sections or quadrants, making these one-inch sections on your whole hear.

Get your friend to help work on the back of your hair.

11 Take all of the pins out of your hair

This is done after you have finished clipping and straightening all of your hair.

Pull the u-pin out by its u base.

It should easily slide.

12 Brush your hair out to give it volume

Take your hair brush and brush through all your hair to make it voluminous.

You can use your regular hair brush or vented hair brush to create volume but do not use a round brush.


13 Spray your whole head with hairspray

Hang your head upside down and spray evenly around your whole head to keep your big, frizzy hairstyle in place.

That’s it, you are done.

You have your frizzy hairstyle.


How To Make Your Hair Frizzy And Poofy

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