Is Google Knock Knock Trying To Romanticize Long Distance Relationships?

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Google Knock Knock

It’s baffling how stupid marketing antics gain traction in the main stream. As if snooping on what we do online and on social profile wasn’t enough for google, now they are making you smile with their dapper video calling app.

Behind Google Knock Knock is a rationale that it will  get you smiling before the call starts.Mmm! Really ? Of course, that’s assuming you actually like what  the other person who is on the other line would say.

Its a great addition to families separated by distance and remote working so Seeing family members on the other line wont be a problem huh?  Lol i bet that gets you smiling…Seeing the face of my boss minging on the other side of the continent enjoying holidays while we sweat it in the office? Mmm, don’t  think so………