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Halowave Oven

JML Black Halowave Oven Aircooker Deluxe Halogen Cooking With Rotisserie Function 14 Pc Set

The halowave air cooker is a perfect combination of fan assisted halogen technology and an inbuilt rotisserie, this combination ensures that food is cooked perfectly and on time. It works by using its powerful fan to circulate the halogen heat and cooking power around the food.

This product really cooks fast and efficiently and produces the best result, and the food cooked will be out looking delicious, healthy, and fresh just as you want it. With this halfwave, you roast your chicken even direct from the fridge, grill your sizzling kebabs, and roast or fry your fish with no oil or fat, and get your crispy chips ready quicker than before.

For ease of cooking anything you want, this halowave comes with a specially designed rotisserie steak rack, this is for flat or delicate food like steak, burgers or fish fillets, or some other multiple small items like prawns and even butter-basted asparagus. Also, it comes with a rotisserie skewer drum that can hold up to 8 stainless skewers for your kebabs, sausages, and prawns.

  • It is also able to self-clean just by adding water and detergent.
  • Power: It produces a 1500w power output.
  • Capacity: Bowl- 8.35L, Cooking- 11.37L

Set includes:

1 x High/Low Rack, 1 x Spindle, 1 x Tongs, 1 x Basket Hook & Stand, 1 x User Guide, 1 x Oil Sprayer, 1 x Frying Pan, 1 x Steak Rack, 1 x Skewer Drum, 1 x Roasting Pan, 1 x Forks, 1 x Recipe Guide 1 x Air frying Basket 1 x Halowave Aircooker Deluxe.

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