Russell Hobbs 18537

russel hobbs18537

Simply just like the Andrew James cooker above, the Russell Hobbs 18537 is an additional top functioning product. Whereas this is just as powerful, the volume is actually 11 Litres. Nonetheless, you can increase this to 16 Litres by way of an incorporated stainless steel expansion ring. I ‘d consider this attachment as important but you need to ensure that it’s placed securely.

At the end of the day, it’s a very economical appliance that will competently conduct all kinds of tasks. It’ll save you time and money on your bills. Due to these factors, I ‘d say that this would be especially advantageous for those who regular make easy meals and in as little time as possible.

In terms of the efficiency, this is a reliable product that’ll enable you to do all kinds of jobs. You’ll be able to make your Sunday roast much more efficiently while baking and grilling can also be done with this product. However, when baking, the bread didn’t come out as we ‘d hoped.

In terms of the design, this is a pretty attractive halogen oven though it does have some flaws. First and foremost, it’s only available in a white colour so you don’t have too much choice as you did with the Andrew James model above.

Other than this, we were somewhat pleased with this particular halogen oven. Again, it has a self-clean feature so this was an easy task after finishing up. An appliance like this will not only save you space in the kitchen but will also be portable enough to move around.

In addition to this, the lid is unhinged. This means that moving a reasonably heavy glass lid can be troublesome. You do get a stand for this but again placing it into this stand can be problematic for a new user though you’ll eventually get used to this.