Sand Fleas On Dogs

Sand Fleas On Dogs

Dog fleas: There are two forms of sand fleas on dogs

One of them is a creepy insert which are commonly found on most pets and most during warm climate or weather. The second is sand bug also know as scavenger. Sand fleas are quiet small to the eyes, these little insert size is about the size of a grain of rice, with a clear wings and dark spots.

The are a few common names for sand fleas, 1) midges

                                                                                  2) beach fleas

You can find these sand fleas  sandy areas like marshes and beaches, and usually hunt in early mornings or at nightfall. These inserts usually hunt for their prey just within their habitat, and usually do not move around homes were people live.

Sand Fleas On Dogs

Pets that contact these sand fleas or beach fleas are usually those that strolling around the shores which are home for sand fleas.

How sand flea bites dogs and how sand fleas may harm dogs

This inserts are parasites and feed on blood, any kind of blood. Sand flea bites dogs by tunneling into the skin, and sucking the blood.

Sand fleas may harm dogs by causing numerous infections and skin diseases. Sand fleas can likewise cause a disease of the Leishmania type. This disease is easily spread through the bite of certain types of sandflies.

The disease are commonly present in three main ways:



Visceral leishmaniasis

These disease or Sand fleas on people cause the skin lesions, a large skin disease which have many bad consequences.

Some of the signs of sand flea bites and dogs

Anemia ( Anemia is a condition whereby there is a deficiency of red cells or haemoglobin in the blood, this deficiency results in pallor and weariness ).

Liver damages

Spleen damages ( Spleen is an organ which is found in virtually all vertebrates, they are quiet similar in appearance and structure to a large lymph node, and acts as a blood filter ).

If at any point you realize sand fleas on dogs, consult a veterinarian doctor, it will require a professional attetion and removal of the sand flea bites.

sand fleas on dogs
Insect Repellent and Killer

Some of the known sand flea bites dogs symptoms

If a sand flea bite on dog occurs or sand flea bites dogs, here are some of the symptoms of sand fleas,


Lumps usually white in the area

Dark spots under their skin, usually where sand flea bites eggs are found

Signs of fever

Similar to a mosquito bite

Common treatment sand flea bites / sand flea bites treatment

Sand flea bites treatment requires the expertise of a veterinary doctor, this is to avert any skin damage or wrong treatment if you decide to do it yourself.

Follow the veterinarian instructions on how to maintain and keep the infected areas clean at all times to completely stop the possibility of infection.

Antihistamine cream are usually used to stop scratching or itching.

Pain killers are also used to ease pain on dogs sand flea bites after treatment.

Based on recommendations by a veterinary doctor, the use of antiseptic or alcohol to heal the wound is vital. These process is usually carried on until the wounds are completely healed.

How long until sand flea bites go away

After treatment, it might take possibly more than seven days for the irritation to totally stop.

Sand Flea Bites Won’t Go Away?

How to remove sand fleas from your home

sand fleas on dogs
Sevin Dust bug spray

The use of pesticides to disinfect the home where a pet have been treated of sand flea infections. These process will ensure that reinfections does not occur at any point in future.

Spray insecticides of your pet on daily bases ( read instructions ).

Use Sevin Dust bug spray around your home especially the area where the dog sleeps. This is because at any giving time before the treatment some sand fleas may have falling out of your pets body.

Vacuum your home after some time of spraying the insecticides.

Vacuum any splits and hole in which sand fleas can hide and wash your pets linen.

Wash linen with high temperature water after sand fleas treatment.

Sand Fleas On Dogs


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