Short Haircuts For Men – Mens Short Hairstyles

Short Haircuts for Men

Short haircuts have been a popular trend among men during this decade. They invented several variations of the short haircut and combined them to achieve aesthetic elements that we have never seen before. The following list will give you a quick guide into the most popular short haircuts for men today.

High and tight haircut

High and tight

The high and tight haircut is more common among military men to whom its more common name is “whitewall”. For the civilian, however, they prefer to call it as “skin fade” haircut. It is characterized by a completely shaven side and a trimmed top of only 1.5mm long.

Fade haircut

Short Haircuts For Men

The fade haircut has many variants depending on the progression of fade on the side of the head. It is characterized by a shaven side with an increasing hair density as it moves to the top. It is a popular haircut today and has several collaborations with other hairstyles.

Crew Cut Haircut


Short Haircuts For Men


The crew cut is one of the oldest hairstyles, and it is still one of the most popular among middle-aged men. Military men have always preferred this particular haircut, which garnered it the name “butch haircut” to refer to the popular haircut among men in the Ivy League in America. It is characterized by a short, trimmed top and a tapered side.

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Military Flattop Haircut


Short Haircuts For Men

Modern Military Flattop is a short haircut characterized by a medium to long top which lessens in density as it moves down the side of the head. Barbers can do this haircut through clipping, freehand, and the clipper over comb technique. (Short Haircuts For Men)

Buzz Cut Haircut


Short Haircuts For Men

The Buzz Cut is the shortest haircut among this list. It is characterized by a uniformly short-tapered style throughout the head using an electric clipper. It is the most low maintenance haircut, and it is fashionable for people with receding hairline.

Undercut Haircut


The Undercut, which is more popular among teenagers and young adults, is actually a haircut that is a hundred years old. This is the most preferred haircut for men from 1920 to 1940 until it reached its popularity during this decade. It is characterized by a long top that is parted distinctly from the clipped or buzzed sides and back.

Spikes Haircut


Fade Taper Haircut (Undercut)


Slicked Back Haircut


Side Part Haircut


Ivy League Haircut


Caesar Cut Haircut


Brushed Up Haircut

Side Part Pompadour Haircut


Short Back and Sides Haircut


Brush Cut Haircut


Burr Cut Haircut


Businessman Haircut

Butch Cut Haircut


Flat Top Haircut


High and Tight Recon Haircut

Landing Strip Haircut


Layered Cut Haircut


Regulation haircut


Taper Cut Haircut

Whitewalls Haircut



Buzz Cut Haircut



Faux Hawk Haircut



Blunt Cut Haircut


Brit-Rock Indie Haircut



Slicked Back Undercut



Design Haircut


Textured Cut Haircut


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Short Textured Haircut



Short Haircuts For Men – Men’s Short Hairstyles

Understanding the properties of each short haircut is the best way to know about the possible combinations that will give a unique aesthetic advantage. By experimenting on these basic short haircuts, you can create your own style that will work best for your own facial features.


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