Snowy Effect Brown Christmas Pre Lit Twig Tree 6ft with Berries for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Christmas Pre Lit Twig Tree 6ft with Berries


If you fancy a change to real Christmas trees, the annoying Christmas tree stand and the old faithful Christmas tree skirt then this is the Christmas decoration for you! You can do away with all the bits and bobs that take up time and space and go for this elegant, floor standing, Christmas twig tree instead.

It comes pre-lit so you don’t even have to worry about fairy lights.

There are 96, warm white, static LED lights already on the snow effect, brown berry tree.

It has a minimalist feel to it which is ultra-modern but you can also add a few baubles or garlands to it if you wish.

We think it looks great as it is though!

The warm white LEDs emanate a soft glow in the surrounding area, whilst the tree makes a beautiful feature when unlit too.

The tree arrives with the branches straight but they are bendable, so you can create your own individual tree!

This striking decorative tree looks great in any room in the house, there really are no limits to the design possibilities!

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Add some Christmas décor to your garden with our Christmas twig tree.

Yes, it can be used outdoors as well as indoors! There is a 5-metre long cable which gives you plenty of options of where to position it, most twig tree cables are far shorter than 5m.

If you are planning on impressing the neighbours by putting it outside you can use the 4 pegs included securing the base plate stand to the ground.

If you do plan on using your tree outdoors, please make sure the transformer is kept indoors.