What happens when I change my car or policy

what happens when I change my car or policy

What happens when I change my car or policy?

Can I use my bonus NCB on two cars?

Changing insurance companies before renewal

  • No claims bonuses NCB or NCD can usually be transferred to another car, however, if you switch insurers before the year is done, you won’t get the NCB or NCD for that year.
  • You can not use your no-claims bonus NCB on more than one car.
  • Car insurance companies ought to provide proof of your bonus at the finish of your policy term.
  • You can pass this on to your next provider when you switch.
  • A few car insurance company may provide your proof of no claims in the car insurance renewal letter they send you.
  • If it’s not there, you can call your insurer and ask them to send it.
  • If you cancel your policy, you have two years to reuse your no-claim bonus NCB, otherwise, it expires and you start from scratch.

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Can I use my bonus NCB on two cars?

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