What Is Flamboyage Hair?

Flamboyage Hair

Flamboyage hair…it’s been hard not to notice the gradual growing popularity that this diverse new hair trend has been garnering in staggering length. With numerous celebrities picking up the hairstyle in all hues and tones, requests at salons across the world have skyrocketed and showing no signs of slowing down, not just yet!

Flamboyage Hair

What’s the attraction on Flamboyage hair?

Why do people love flamboyance hair so much?

By using freehand painting technique, stylists can create a long-lasting and effortless look, meaning you can go for longer without regrowth and colour touch-ups.

Flamboyage Hair

Let’s look more into this fantastic hairstyle, find out what’s so amazing about it and why the leading ladies of Hollywood love it so much.

What is Flamboyage?

Flamboyage is a new hot trend and a low maintenance hair colour technique. It is a combination of ombre and Balayage, where a transparent adhesive strip is used to colour the hair. It is a fantastic and revolutionary hair colour service created by the artistic director of Davines, Angelo Seminara.

Flamboyage Hair

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The technique is straightforward; your hairstylist uses a clear, adhesive paper called Flamboyage Meche. The large strip of self-stick paper is created to be versatile, practical and very easy to use, giving your hairstylist an opportunity to apply the right amount of colour to create depth dimension to your hair in the most creative and artistic way possible.

How is Flamboyage hair done?

Flamboyage Hair

Like I’ve said, the technique involves using a clever adhesive trip called Flamboyage Meche. The strips allow for a super fine and spontaneous hair selection and also provide a great surface for color application and are easily sealed once folded.

Placement of the strips gives your hairstylist freedom to create depth and dimension in your hair as though you were born with it.

Flamboyage Hair

If your ideal hair color is something beautiful and stunning, then this technique is for you. Whether going up only a few shades or you want a more subtle display of vibrant color, your highlights will be well-blended, long lasting and highly personalized.

How long does it take to do Flamboyage?

Flamboyage Hair

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Flamboyage requires 30-90 minutes to get done and it is for females who are looking for ultra-feminine and subtle highlights. It is similar to Balayage but the tips may be lightened a little more, the highlights include the elements of both Balayage and ombre technique to give the hair more depth and natural result grew out roots.

Why should you try Flamboyage hair?

Flamboyage Hair

The technique gives your hair the best coloring and allows the hair stylist to get creative. Whether you have thick, curly or fine straight hair, any hair type works with Flamboyage and the best part is that it is low in maintenance unlike other hair coloring technique, yet gives a rather dynamic effect for the tresses that can last up to seven weeks.

No more having to deal with obvious root growth till your next salon appointment. The new growth effect is reduced significantly because this technique makes a distinction between the roots much more subtle.

Flamboyage Hair

Do you want highlights that enhance your natural hair color?

Do you love your natural hair color? Are you looking for something a little extra but not too drastic? Well, Flamboyage is definitely your answer.

The technique offers dimension in the most elusive way, creating the best highlights that give your locks more glimmer and shine. It’s perfect for adding a bit of lightness in spring and summer or warming up your hair in the fall. Flamboyage can be done on all hair types and length and can be used to add face-framing highlights, an ombre effect and much more.

Flamboyage Hair

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