What Is Selenium Sulfide

What Is Selenium Sulfide

What Is Selenium Sulfide

What Is Selenium Sulfide

Selenium sulfide is a chemical agent used for treating dandruff. It is an antifungal agent that also relieves itching, flaking, scaling and dry skin on the scalp due to dandruff.

Selenium sulfide shampoos are used worldwide and are available in pharmacies. The most common brand is Selsun 2.5%, which is massaged into the scalp for 2-3 minutes before rinsing. Selenium sulfide shampoos shouldn’t be used on broken or inflamed skin and it is advised to speak to your doctor or pharmacist before use.

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Selenium sulfide kills fungi or yeasts called dermatophytes. Overgrowth of these fungi on the skin causes seborrhoeic dermatitis, dandruff, and pityriasis versicolor. Selenium, sulfide shampoo reduces the numbers of these fungi on the skin and helps clear up the condition.

However, children under the age of 5 and people who are allergic to any ingredient in the shampoo shouldn’t us Selenium Sulfide.

Selenium Sulfide has side effects and they affect in different ways. The side effects include allergic reactions such as rush or hives, Oiliness or dryness of scalp and hair, blistering or the skin if the shampoo is left on the hair longer than the recommended time.


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