Yeast Infection Symptoms

Yeast Infection Symptoms

The common yeast infection symptoms are:

Yeast Infection Symptoms: itching, smells, discharge( this can be white, thick, clumpy and odourless), irritated skin around the vagina opening which is the vulva and labia with swelling and redness, some bleeding, pains during sex and going to the toilet, and irregular menstruation.

In the body, yeast infections are able to develop in areas where the conditions are favourable for yeast and mold to grow and reproduce.

Yeast Infection Symptoms: Yeast and fungus grow in areas which have moist, damps and folds, (like sweating) these areas are easily infectious: genitals, armpits, anal area, belly button(navel), around the nose(nasal cavity), around the ears, toenails, fingernails, mouth, throat and digestive tract.

Yeast Infection Symptoms: Vaginal yeast infection can cause someone to be uncomfortable, and can worsen if not treated. The candida yeast infection can cause different types of problem and can spread around the body.

Yeast Infection Symptoms: Candida albicans causes the vaginal yeast infection causing overgrowth in the genitals.  The candida virus affects the digestive systems and the symptoms are: loss or change in appetite, food cravings and digestive problems.

Chances of Developing Yeast Infection

  • During pregnancy due to high sex hormone level in female
  • Antibiotic treatments
  • Hormonal imbalance like birth control pills
  • Sexual intercourse with infected person
  • Low immune system caused by virus like HIV
  • Before or after menstrual period
  • Uncontrolled diabetes
  • Poor hygiene like dirty, damp cloths and skin

If you are noticing any changes for the first time, or unfamiliar with the symptoms your body is producing, it is best to speak to your doctor.

Taking on treatment on conditions you are unaware of may be dangerous. Remember, chances are that using chemical products to treat vaginal yeast infection can cause bacteria imbalance which may lead to more candida yeast infection or candida growth.

Coconut oil is really good, there are many conditions that this oil will help reduce or eliminate.

High level of blood sugar or imbalance of sugar in the body can cause type 2 diabetes and sugar fuels yeast infection growth.

Candida virus affects the digestive system, and they can affect your taste of food and food cravings, this will increase the chances of infection.

Birth control pills is another cause of yeast infection because it causes hormonal imbalance.

Knowing your body helps you identify changes quickly, and when the yeast infection is identified quickly, treatments which will help stop the spread of yeast of fungi can be taking.

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