Asda Car Insurance Courtesy Car

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Asda Car Insurance Courtesy Car

When you’ve got things to do, friends and family to see, having to take your vehicle in to be repaired is constantly a discomforting experience– specifically. That’s where a courtesy vehicle can be found to be the most convenient solution ever. So much better than, with Asda car insurance coverage you get access to a courtesy car as a standard feature for buying Asda car insurance policy.

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Exactly what is a courtesy car from Asda car insurance?

A courtesy vehicle from Asda car insurance is the automobile your insurance provider provides you to utilize while yours is being repaired following an insurance coverage claim. Asda as an insurance provider, include it in your insurance coverage instantly, however, with others, you can include it as an optional addition.

Looking for comprehensive car insurance coverage? With Asda car insurance, You’re covered!

A courtesy vehicle comes as basic with our Comprehensive Cover. If you make a claim on your insurance coverage and your cars or truck goes in for repair works, you will not require to fork out for taxis or brave public transportation to get around while you wait. Asda car insurance comes fully packed with optional benefits that you don’t even have to ask for them.

Exactly what you get with Asda Car Insurance Policy

We’ll set up a little hatchback for you to utilize till your vehicle is repaired and your insurance coverage will cover this vehicle.

Exactly what’s not covered with Asda car Insurance?

You will not get a courtesy automobile:

if you’re just declaring for windshield or window damage

For longer than it requires to fix your cars and truck

if your automobile is taken or has been completely written  off,

if your cars and truck are being fixed due to tear and wear from regular daily use.

You’ll have to look after any parking, speeding or other fines you get and the expense of fuel while utilizing the cars or truck.

Take a look at our policy files for more information on exactly what is and isn’t really covered.

Your car or truck insurance coverage will just cover you to own the courtesy automobile within Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

Does size matter with Asda car Insurance?

If our little hatchback isn’t really going to suffice for you size-wise, you can include our optional additional Guaranteed Courtesy Car Cover for one the very same size as your cars and truck for 14 or 21 days.

Get more mileage from your Asda car insurance policy.

Got Third Party Fire and Theft insurance coverage?
You do not need to lose out. You can include Asda car insurance’s Guaranteed Courtesy Car Cover to your policy

For difficulty totally free car, Asda car insurance policy has some useful bonus that you can contribute to your policy to keep you on the roadway for longer:

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