ASDA Value Travel Insurance For Your Unforgettable Holiday Abroad

Everything That Happens to Your Body On Hot Sauce

Asda value travel insurance is absolutely a must-have essential for your peace of mind in case unexpectedly anything like food poisoning, loss or theft of properties and many other unexpected mishaps that can affect your family holiday abroad.

Asda travel insurance is called a value travel insurance because, unlike many travel insurance providers, with Asda insurance cover for every adult traveling, you get to have a child free. That’s right! With every adult travel insurance policy, one child travels with free policy cover. And the goodies keep coming:

Asda Travel Insurance

  • Asda boasts of up to 3 levels of cover instantly available for your choosing.
  • You get Free travel insurance for kids. Asda covers up to 3 children for every adult traveling
  • Airline failure worries? You’re covered if your scheduled flight operator goes bust
  • Unlimited medical expenses (selected cover only)
  • Existing medical conditions? Asda travel insurance has their specialist phone service to discuss your insurance needs and there are no sales tactics to get a sale!

My husband fell ill in the Dominican Republic with a chest infection, had to visit the medical center in resort then had to visit hospital. Both Medical Center and Hospital and myself could not contact Asda Insurance on all three emergency numbers. I tried many times but got NO REPLY and well as the Medical Center and Hospital. I range UK to my daughter to get in touch, she was told the LEO would contact me, but this did not happen. We had to pay a bill of £1,200.00, if this had have been more serious what WOULD WE HAVE DONE!!!! This was extremely stressful and we would not want to go through that again. WE WOULD LIKE YOU TO TELL US WHY YOU WOULD NOT ANSWER YOUR TELEPHONES.


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