Back Pain In Pregnancy Second Trimester

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Back Pain In Pregnancy Second Trimester

In a recent post, Meg asked in the forum if any of the girls who are at an advanced stage in their pregnancy, whether back pain in pregnancy second trimester was a common occurrence ?? ” At the moment back pain has taken over my life! Am really really experiencing severe pain at the lower part of my back and am just wondering if back pain in pregnancy second trimester is usual? I can feel the back pain and feels like I have pulled it, however my partner has been doing or the most strenuous jobs around the home, weirdly my back feels so bad that getting comfortable is not in the picture at the moment.

Has any of you else experienced this kind of back pain in pregnancy second trimester? It has to be said that I had expected back pain during pregnancy at some point or in my final trimester, I suppose am just hopping to hear from like-sufferers of back pain in pregnancy second trimester so I can feel assured that it is perfectly OK to experience back pain in pregnancy second trimester My mother seems to be very casual about this, she is old school sort of a mum so am not surprised that she is not too worried as I am. Her wisdom led to suggest that a curl up to this hot water bottle would help and am glad i got this [easyazon_link identifier=”B01KSLPKS2″ locale=”US” tag=”toodlehub-20″]hot water bottle[/easyazon_link] here from Amazon and it worked like magic!

The hot water bottle has really come highly recommended even by some of my friends, the only challenge for me is that the kind of back pain am experiencing in this pregnancy trimester, is bang in the middle to the lower back and I just can’t get comfortable enough to sit in the office and work. When am at home the story is different as Iam using these pregnancy pillows and cushions to support me.

The Obstetrician assumes I have SPD so I have been refered to a Physio in the next few weeks fingers crossed they can figure out how to resolve this terrible pain and pelvis too!

Having done alot of online research, suggestions continue to indicate that if there’s Anything else I could do is:

Hot water Bottle

[easyazon_link identifier=”B01JNXORBC” locale=”US” tag=”toodlehub-20″]Hot water bottle[/easyazon_link] have been around for a little while and if you are feeling some back pain, try it. On the other hand if you are pregnant and doing a lot of seating down, you need a pregnancy support pillow, most back pain in pregnancy second trimester are as a result of too much seating down.

Reports continue to indicate that many mums who have had terrible back pain in pregnancy second trimester lacked efforts in finding a good balance and the support pillow does exactly that. When you start experiencing back pain in pregnancy second trimester, it is also important to take not of ligaments that could be relaxing and preparing the body for the birth of your child. Common sense should tell you to get prepared for back pain in pregnancy second trimester to get worse as the baby becomes bigger, in reality back pain experienced in pregnancy second trimester will actually disappear in your third trimester, only to be replaced by yet other pregnancy related ailments!

And if you are wondering what had been a life saver for many during these times, it was the hot water bottle and [easyazon_link identifier=”B013RV0JGI” locale=”US” tag=”toodlehub-20″]support pillows.[/easyazon_link]

It is important to understand that whether you are fit mum or not, these back pain in pregnancy second trimester will happen, whether you are 20 weeks or 15 weeks, you will start noticing bad back pain. The other challenge with pregnancy is the fact that you are limited to many things you would normally wont have to think twice about taking them before baby bump came along.

Take [easyazon_link identifier=”B003LZYSZY” locale=”US” tag=”toodlehub-20″]deep heat creams[/easyazon_link] and sprays for example, you start to wonder if it is safe to apply them when you are pregnant My opinion is to always stay clear of any potential toxic deep creams or spray, I think if you have hot water bottles and pregnancy support pillows you should be ok.

As a 25 year old lady you would think am strong and fit, but when my pregnancy hit 25 weeks I hit a snag! I could hardly walk, sit or lie down without excruciating back pain. I wondered if everyone had exactly the same with their first pregnancy, unfortunately when the second pregnancy happened it was the same. Doctors said my back had inflasmed muscular tissues around the lower part of my spine and pelvis. To make things worse off, previously I had suffered from sciatica episodes.

How do you get the back pain off your backside when all you are allowed is silly paracetamol and gentle exercises? I think they just do this to help you kick the can down the road! I know for many mums taking time off work isn’t an option, but i had reached the end of the rope and I just had to take time off! Surprisingly my time off did the trick, it helped me ease off the pain. It’s not good enough to hope that back pain in pregnancy second trimester would finally get better than worse, there are steps you can take to get things on the right track.

Instead of succumbing to the back pain in pregnancy second trimester, or those other ailments that keep us from getting a restful nightly sleep, these steps should keep the doctors away. Watch out for bad sleeping hygiene, instead practice good sleeping hygiene by propping your body in the most sleep-friendly positions possible.

It’s obvious that mobility goes downhill when we get into second trimester, but if you listen and notice what your body might be telling you is that it needs movement and calm down time free from back pains relating to second trimester pregnancy Light to moderate exercises or meditation goes a long way to promote quality sleep. Avoid nightly reading lights to avoid compromising the body clock as it is easily sent into a spiral thinking it is day time. The long you keep tossing around in bed the more likely you will run out of comfortable sleeping positions.

Make it a habit to dim [easyazon_link identifier=”B06ZXXLL6J” locale=”US” tag=”toodlehub-20″]bedroom lights[/easyazon_link]an hour early before your normal sleeping time, avoiding those blue lights from mobile phones and tablets. Best sleeping environments are better when low light and darkness is introduced to promote restful mood.

Pregnancy comes with a bagful of surprises, when you put in place your good sleeping hygiene, identifying other things that may be interfering with your natural sleeping process can be easy. You see back pain in pregnancy second trimester can be symptomatic to one or many things going wrong. These can range from chronic pain, minor common colds that cause unnecessary disruption to sleep. Sounds really simple to think that lack of consistent propping of your body up in bed can have such an impact to quality sleep and ease off back pain in pregnancy second trimester.

But studies have shown that using bed wedges allows you to achieve quality sleep effortlessly as it promotes quality breathing position due to the fact that a pregnant woman’s chest and upper back remain at an elevated position throughout the night and lets the gravity take it’s course.

If you are new to bed wedges, they are these large ,triangular, therapeutic foam pillows commonly used to minimize discomfort when sleeping positions are limited. You can find your ideal pregnancy bed wedges here with medium inline to high incline depending on your preference.

[easyazon_link identifier=”B00DTZVLTW” locale=”US” tag=”toodlehub-20″]Bed wedges[/easyazon_link] are a life saver to many pregnant mums as they ease pressure on lower back muscles that do the anchoring of the frontal load of baby bump. Even if you are not pregnant, bed wedges are of great benefit as they help in propping the body up to facilitate good breathing and improved sleep.

Ailments like reflux, heartburn are all an issue bed wedges will solve for you as the gravity of your stomach is raised therefore prevents acid from your stomach getting into your oesophagus.

If you suffer from colds and sinus infections, your bed wedges will be there to help you sleep well too.

The same goes for sleep apnoea sufferers which can also get out of hand where back pain in pregnancy second trimester can play a role.

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