Is there any good foundation for my dry Sensitive Skin?

If you often find yourself  with this question on your mind, then you’ve come to the right place. This article is what you’ve been looking for all along!

There are certain types of Foundations that are very bad for your skin and will even make it worse, leaving you feeling  so uncomfortable. This is because some of the ingredients found in those Foundations are toxic to the skin.

Therefore, it is advised to know and identify all the ingredients of Foundations before purchasing.


  • You need to identify your skin type. Find out if it is dry, oily Sensitive or normal.
  • Then identify the problems you face just after applying a foundation on your face. Us your skin heavy, Is it flaky? Or does your skin feel itchy?
  • Lastly, you need to know what kind of looks you want after applying the foundation. Is it matte, natural, dewy or even?

Okay, if you have  identified your skin and discovered that it dry and sensitive, then you’ll need a make up wuth a mineral elementt. (Finally, you know the kind of foundation that’s good for your skin.)


  • The best way to choose the right foundation for your skin is to identify the Ingredients found in the foundation.
  • Don’t buy foundations that contain sodium Laurel sulfate, parabens, these ingredients are very harmful to the skin and can cause major skin irritations such as cancer sores, can lead to bad acne and t can even cause skin cancer.


Here we have listed some of the best Foundations that are highly recommended for sensitive dry skin.

  1. Lancome Their Ultra 24H long wear foundation: This foundation is made of ingredients that feel light to the skin and comfortable, it promises full coverage for 24hrs. It will leave you feeling and looking beautiful because of its its velvety soft formula.
  2. Black uo full coverage cream foundation: The foundation is oil free and has firming peptides specifically designed to help plump and moisturize  drier skin. So say goodbye to dry skin with this black up full coverage cream foundation.
  3. Laura Mercier smooth finish foundation Powder: It gives a natural look and will feel so light and comfortable on your skin. It glided onto your skin like silk and will not sit in fine lines or pores. It  amazingly hided your imperfections without looking cake. The ingredient found in this powder is Shea butter, which is so great on the skin.
  4. Vanilla Rose mineral foundation: It is so free from parabens, Synthetic dyed and fragrances which are harmful to the skin. The ingredient found in it is zinc oxide which is good for the skin because it has anti-flammatory properties.
  5. L’Oréal Paris: It is a cushion compact foundation and is so best for sensitive dry skin.
  6. NARS all day luminous foundation: Unlike most Foundations NARS all day luminous weightless foundation delivers long-wering full cover, in a weightless, watery formula the lightless of the foundation allows it to blend onto the skin flawlessly meaning when you apply it, you Wong experience any dryness on your skin but comfort.
  7. The Bourjosis fond de Tout healthy mix extension serum foundation: It is extremely light weight and will noy clog your pres. It was designed for all types of skins to make it stay hydrated with its smooth consistency.
  8. Mineral fusion liquid Foundation:  The foundation is cruelty free, paraben free, fragrance free, meaning it’s completely safe and good for any type of skin including sensitive dry skins.


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