Best Shellac Colors – Shellac Romantique

Shellac nails boast of a sizable variety of color pallets you can take advantage of. Whether it’s fashion sense or just following your color mood board to express your love for colors, with shellac nail colors you will be spoiled for choice.

Shellac Romantique

Shellac Romantique is every girl’s best friend, if you love to get dressed and show off your sexy touch and fashion sense then shellac Romantique is for you.

Many happy Shellac Romantique users, said that shellac romantic is mostly ideal for when doing a French manicure, and it is a lifesaver when you just want a nice neutral color. With Shellac Romantique you only need 3 coats to make it really nice.

1. Creative Nail Design Shellac UV Color Coat, 25 Ounce

2. CND Shellac Original Top Coat

3. CND Shellac Base Coat

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