Top 10 Best Toning Cream For Dark Skin: Creams For Fair Skin

Dark skin tone is something very stubborn to deal with, but no need to worry, you can treat your dark skin tone and get back to your even tone because of the many types of creams specifically designed to deal with that problem. These creams are formulated with a lightening feature which is very handy in dealing with dark skin tone.

Our top selection

1. Olay Luminous Tone Perfecting Cream $20.99Olay Luminous Tone Perfecting Cream
2. Emma Cardinelli Skin Lightening Cream $21.99Emma Cardinelli Skin Lightening Cream
3. Amaira Intimate Lightening Serum £109.05Amaira Intimate Lightening Serum
4. Asana Natural Skin Lightening Cream $30.99Asana Natural Skin Lightening Cream
5. Aviance White Intense Radiance Restore Night Masque $59.99Aviance White Intense Radiance Restore Night Masque
6. L’oreal white perfect laser overnight $23.99loreal white perfect laser overnight
7. Eva Naturals Skin Lightening Cream $15.95Eva Naturals Skin Lightening Cream
8. Pink madison whitening cream $24.99Pink madison whitening cream
9. MediDerm’s Potent Skin Fading Cream $28.98MediDerm's Potent Skin Fading Cream
10. My Shiney Hiney Whitening Cream My Shiney Hiney Whitening Cream

Skin toning involves cleansing the skin and shrink pores using washers, lotions, and serums. Skin toning also helps to even out uneven skin tone, repair skin discoloration, and correct dark spots. Skin toner has its benefits to the skin, not only for the cleansing process but also get rid of dead skin cells revealing more clear, fresh and clean skin. Toning also helps to brighten dull skin and make it look more bright and shining.

Skin toner benefits

Before you start with facial cleansers and moisturizers, knowing the benefit of toner will help choose the right toner:

  • Help cleans the skin
  • Remove excess dirt
  • Remove any trace of makeups and oil
  • Help to correct and balance your skin pH levels
  • Help to control acne
  • Removes surface of dead skin cells
  • Help clean and close pores

How to choose skin toner

There are certain things to consider before choosing the right skin toner, your skin type, and alcohol-free toner.

Be certain about the plant extract or essential oil used to prevent irritation of the skin.

For acne-prone skin, salicylic acid in facial toner can help but can be harsh for sensitive skin.

Choosing alpha hydroxy acid, alcohol-free toner for acne-prone skin. Some ingredients like coenzyme Q10, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and glycerin are essential ingredients for normal to sensitive skin. Alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) help glow and clean the skin without flaking, just a few seconds tingle will determine if its the right quantity of acid solution (pH). Ingredients like retinoids irritate the skin, unlike alpha-hydroxy which is gentle on the skin.

How to use toner

  • Use a sensitive skin gentle cleanser to clean your face, like the sodium lauryl sulfate
  • Use a cotton ball or your hand and pour or deep into an alcohol-free toner and apply to face
  • You should leave it to dry properly
  • For dry skin, apply alcohol-free skin toner once a day at night
  • For oily or combination skin, apply an alcohol-free toner for both night and day
  • Then follow up with a moisturizer

How to apply toner without a cotton ball

The reason why you should use your hands to apply toner is that using a cotton ball will soak up some of the toners and only half of what goes into the cotton ball goes to your face. By using your hand you can save that little amount that gets stuck in the cotton ball. Using a cotton ball can also leave tiny particles on your face. How to apply toner without the cotton ball, make sure your hands/palms are cleaned, pour a tiny amount on your hands/palm, pat on your face then let it dry or absorb.

What is Hydroquinone?

Before we can list the best skin toning cream for dark skin without hydroquinone, let us look at what hydroquinone means and how it affects you.

Hydroquinone also is known as benzene-1,4-diol or quinol is a skin lightening agent used in most skin whitening and skin lightening creams. Hydroquinone is used to lighten dark patches of skin like hyperpigmentation, melasma, and freckles caused by hormone medicine, pregnancy, birth control pills or skin injury. Even though many people may find Hydroquinone as a helpful skin lightening compound/ingredient, it does have some dangers.

Hydroquinone brand names

  • Eldoquin | Epiquin Micro
  • Lustra-Ultra | Melquin HP 4%
  • Melquin-3 Topical Solution | Esoterica
  • Alphaquin | Eldopaque
  • Lustra | Melquin
  • Nuquin HP Gel | Melanex
  • Nuquin HP Cream | Lustra-AF
  • Claripel | Melpaque
  • Clarite | Solaquin

Hydroquinone side effects

Here are some hydroquinone dangers as a result of its use.

  • It can lead to ochronosis disease, a hard to treat skin discoloration caused by a long period of use or if there is more than 4% high concentration.
  • It can cause sunburn, rashes, spots on skin because it lowers skin melanin.
  • Skin inflammation
  • Dermatitis
  • Sensitization
  • Dryness
  • Skin redness

Here we have listed the 10 top best toning cream for dark skin with and without hydroquinone:

Top 10 Best Toning Cream For Dark Skin

1. Olay Luminous Tone Perfecting Cream

Best skin tone cream

Price $20.99


Olay Luminous Tone Perfecting Cream face moisturizer has a luxurious feel and is a lightly-scented, fast-absorbing moisturizing cream. In just 8 weeks, its formula with PearlOptics Science fades the look of dark spots, age spots, sun spots, and discoloration – evening your overall skin tone.

Simply massage the moisturizing cream into your skin each morning before applying makeup, and at night after cleansing. Illuminate skin’s appearance to help recapture healthy-looking, youthful glow with Olay Luminous Tone Perfecting Cream.

Top 10 Best Toning Cream For Dark Skin

2. Emma Cardinelli Skin Lightening Cream

Price $21.99


Emma Cardinelli Skin Lightening Cream absorbs into the skin and lightens stubborn brown dark spots, improves and softens skin texture. The combination of hydroquinone, alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), and antioxidants packed into one product the most effective ingredients imaginable for a younger clearer complexion.

You will experience radiant, smoother, and lighter skin color after just a few weeks. Special packaging and controlled dispensing keeps the key air-sensitive ingredients stable during use, so you’ll get maximum results from this over-the-counter solution.

Lighten dark and ages spots, freckles, and blotchy skin. Fade uneven pigment, liver and sun spots, acne and birthmarks. Revitalizes uneven skin tone, improves and softens skin texture. Highly effective skin-lightening treatment. Glycolic Acid helps key ingredients penetrate deep into the skin’s surface layers. Fragrance-free, clinically proven to be non-irritating, and never tested on animals. 

best toning cream for dark skin

3. Amaira Intimate Lightening Serum

Price £109.05


Using a powerful combination of ancient herbal extracts, this serum is scientifically proven to reduce dark skin color and pigmentation up to three shades lighter. While we advise at least six weeks of treatment to see dramatic results, many users report lighter skin in as little as two weeks – making this the fastest-acting lightening serum available on the market today.

Meladerm Skin Lightener – Natural skin lightening products for fading age spots, sun damage, skin discolorations and hyperpigmentation. Try it risk free for 30 days!

Asana Natural Skin Lightening Cream

4. Asana Natural Skin Lightening Cream

Best natural skin toning cream

Price $30.99


Asana’s skin lightening cream is a blend of gentle, natural ingredients that can reduce hyperpigmentation, spots, and uneven skin tone. No harsh chemicals like butylene glycol that have negative effects on the skin.

Simply apply daily to any area of the body. Gentle natural ingredients only Asana beauty has the answer to making your skin beautiful and smooth. Asana beauty focuses on using only premium ingredients.

best toning cream for dark skin

Aviance White Intense Radiance Restore Night Masque

5. Aviance White Intense Radiance Restore Night Masque

The ultra-lightweight Aviance white intense visible radiance day gel is specially formulated with vitamin B3 and vitamin C, known to reduce dark spots, pigmentation and improved skin tone. 

Price $59.99


loreal white perfect laser overnight

6. L’oreal white perfect laser overnight

White Perfect Laser by L’Oreal Paris Night Cream 50mlA powerful whitening overnight treatment developed with revolutionary PRO-VANISH3TM EX technology. DermaCorrect is the all-natural, pain-free way to remove unsightly skin tags!

Price $23.99


Eva Naturals Skin Lightening Cream

7. Eva Naturals Skin Lightening Cream

Best beautiful face cream

Whether you are suffering from UV damage, age spots, hyperpigmentation, this cream will change all that. It helps to fade those dark spots and transform your skin complexion using natural ingredients to create perfect, and even skin, this is why we think it is the best beautiful face cream.

Price $15.95


best toning cream for dark skin

8. Pink madison whitening cream

Best whitening cream for face and body

It contains numerous whitening, moisturizing, and anti-aging ingredients. Brightening Cream is a must-have due to its multitude of benefits. No other Whitening Cream comes even close to the Pink Madison Skin Lightening Product.

Price $24.99


best toning cream for dark skin

9. MediDerm’s Potent Skin Fading Cream

Best cream for skin glow

It contains glycolic acid use for skin exfoliate and to revive any damaged skin. This product contains less glycolic acid that won’t cause irritation or redness of the skin. Mediderm is specially designed to reduce wrinkles and lines, discolorations, dark spots, and blemishes. If you are looking for glowing and newer skin effects, then this is the cream to use.

Price $28.98


best toning cream for dark skin

10. My Shiney Hiney Whitening Cream

My Shiney contains enhanced ingredients so your skin can look more dazzling and even-toned. It helps to fade dark skin, smoothes and softens the skin. It is recommended to apply twice a day on dry clean skin.


Does skin tone get darker with age?

ANSWER: The anti-aging experts hold the opinion that the real reason behind the uneven skin tone is hyperpigmentation. The age spots, patches on lips, chin, around eye and scars from breakouts are different types of pigmentation.

What causes the skin to become darker with age?

The common cause of skin darkening UV damage, this damage can start at a younger age, and as you grow older, the skin becomes more difficult to repair itself. The body produces hormones during pregnancy which can cause pigmentation which results in excess melanin. Birth control pills can also cause both of these fades as the hormones regulate themselves repeatedly.

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