Coconut Oil For Hair Benefits

Coconut Oil For Hair Benefits

What is coconut oil??

Coconut oil (also known as copra oil) is an edible oil extracted from the kernel of mature coconuts and harvested from the coconut palm. Not only coconut oil, there are other Oil For Hair Growth And Thickness.

Coconut oil has many benefits such as skincare, haircare, weight loss e.t.c This is because of its high saturated fat content. It is slow to oxidize thus resistant to rancid function lasting up to six months at 24°C, without blemishes. Coconut oil is very popular worldwide and is mostly preferred as hair oil.

What Makes Coconut Oil So Important? Why Do Millions Of People Around The World Choose To Use It?

Okay, before you start using coconut oil, I think it’s wise to know why it is so very special to a lot of people.

  • Coconut oil is rich in minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates which makes it so good for the human hair.
  • Coconut oil is also used in the preparation of cosmetic soaps, creams and in Asian countries, it is also used for preparing various kinds of foods and delicious salads.
Coconut Oil For Hair Benefits
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The Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Hair

  • Coconut oil can make your hair healthy, manageable and so shiny, you can as well stop using commercial conditioners and styling products replacing them with this natural solution.
  • Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid and medium chain fatty acids that strengthen hair, condition the scalp and help regrow hair. Coconut oil also have nourishing benefits to keep the hair strong, shiny and looking great.
  • Coconut oil has been in use as hair oil for ages and till today it’s regarded as the best oil for hair.

Here we have listed some of the great benefits of coconut oil on hair.

1. Coconut Oil Helps Prevent Hair Loss

Coconut oil is used for grooming hair, you boil sage leaves in coconut oil and the mixture is applied to the scalp for hair care. This will prevent hair loss. The mixture of lime water and coconut oil can also provide relief of hair loss.

2. Helps Restore Damaged Hair

As said earlier in this article, coconut oil is rich in protein, so it easily penetrates inside the hair shaft (it has low molecular weight) and the oil will restore damaged hair, making it look strong and healthy.

3. Coconut Oil Has Cooling Properties

Coconut oil can sooth and cool people with hot heads and those who suffer from severe scalp sweating. So if you suffer same problems, apply coconut oil to your scalp and you’ll see the results.

4. Coconut Oil Has Moisture Retention:

Coconut oil is very stable and does not easily evaporate, meaning it does not let moisture escape thus keeping moist in hair and preventing hair damage.

5. Coconut Oil Is A Better Conditioner For Hair:

Yes! Coconut oil is the best hair CONDITIONER than any you’ll find in the market. Apply warm coconut oil on your scalp at night and then wash your hair the following day in the morning, repeat the procedure for a week and see the amazing results.

6. Coconut Oil Prevents Dandruff:

Coconut oil has various fatty acids that serve as a good ant dandruff agent,  it is best than any you’ll find in the market. You simply mix coconut oil with look warm water and caster oil and then apply the mixture on your scalp, massaging it for some  minutes.

7. Coconut Oil Protects The Hair From Lice

Lice is often found in human hair and has the tendency to come back and back again even after treatment. To completely get rid of LICE, coat your wet hair with coconut oil and comb it every day.

8. Coconut Oil Is A Hair Care For Dry Hair:

Apply coconut oil more often and your hair will stay healthy, no more dryness.

Can coconut oil ruin your hair?

In general, using coconut on hair and skin a safe especially used in the right manner, when you use too much coconut oil on your hair can lead you oil build up on the scalp and hair, oil build up makes hair greasy and dull.

How long should you leave coconut oil in your hair?

As a general recommendation, you can leave coconut oil on your overnight or for 30 minutes, leaving it on your hair overnight provides hair with extra-hydration, if you are to leave coconut oil on overnight, make sure to wrap it.

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