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Best Free Computer Security Program


The ZoneAlarm is among the top free firewall around which protects Vista machines. ZoneAlerm is easy to use and with an outbound protection. How it works is, anytime a program on your system makes or try to make an outbound connection with the internet, a pop up from ZoneAlarm pops-up to notify you. You can then choose to temp or perm allow or block the connection.

Comodo Firewall Pro

The comodo firewall provides maximum antileak protection, and also offers two-way firewall protection, with clear internet and system view.


Avast is a free antivirus personal, also imposes light burden on RAM and system resource because it is a lean software. Even though you are using the free software, it prevents viruses, instant messaging viruses, offers live scanning, peer-to-peer dangers, and loads of extras.

AVG Anti-Rootkit

The AVG Anti-Rootkit detects and destroys rootkits, a sneaky virus which are difficult to detect.

Spyware Blaster

The Spyware Blaster protects your system from autodialers, home page hijackers and many more. It blocks ActiveX-based malware, spyware from installing in your system and privacy. It flushes out tracking cookies, prevents diversion to harmful sites, takes a snapshot of the system which helps to reverts it to clean version if infected.

AOL Active Security Monitor

The AOL active security Monitor is an application which monitors your computer security like antiviruses, antispyware, firewall enabled, peer-to-peer software and tier status, organise reports, then recommends solutions. This is not an antivirus, it check for immenent dangers then recommends what to do.

McAfee SiteAdvisor

The McAfee SiteAdvisor alerts you of bad websites before or after you visit them. It checks for unsafe downloads and spammy sites, marks them green for safe, yellow for questionable, and red for danger or unsafe.

LinkScanner Lite

The LinkScanner Lite alerts you of domains with bad scripts, unsafe downloads, phishing and fraud sites. You can determine this info by opening the LinkScanner site and searching the domain name you are enquiring about. It marks them green for safe, yellow for questionable, and red for danger or unsafe.

Internet Threat Meter

Symantec’s Internet Threat Meter from Symantec alerts you of new threats on the web and the fixes.


CCleaner rids your system of many traces of internet activities as you surf, Internet temp files, browsing history, cookies, autocomplete entries, file lists, effluvia, and enhance privacy.

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