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Ever wondered what Crunches are, how to do crunches, and what Crunch workout is good for?

Well, If you are, in this post you will discover:

  • What are Crunches
  • Types of Crunches
  • Crunches versus Sit Ups, which workout delivers the best results for your abs?
  • How To Do Crunches

What Are Crunches?

In a nutshell, Crunch workout is one of the most popular ways where abdominal exercises are used in variation. With a goal to primarily work the rectus abdominis muscle and also work the obliques.

What Types Of Crunches Are Popularly Believed To Deliver Better abs?

There are numerous crunch variations that are highly favored as the best at-home exercises anyone can do without the need for gym equipment.

  • Reverse Crunches
  • Bicycle Crunches
  • Cable Crunches
  • Weighted Crunches
  • Side Crunches
  • Ab Crunches
  • Oblique Crunches
  • Cross Crunches
  • Toe Taps
  • Dead bug Exercises
  • Twist Crunches

Reverse Crunches

Reverse Crunch, the workout is the type of exercise you do when you want to target your lower abdominal parts. And the beauty of reverse crunches exercises is the fact that they are easy to do, anyone can do at home.

How to do Reverse Crunches?

Reverse crunches are a core exercise anyone can do at home to target the muscles of the lower abdomen. And to perform a reverse crunch successfully, lie flat on your back with your hands nicely tacked beneath your hips. Read more on How To Lose Belly Fat.

Go ahead and gently bend your knees and lift them towards your head, drawing them upward slightly at the end of the movement.

Reverse Crunches Benefits

Reverse crunches‘ benefits range from the basic core muscular strengthening of this exercise. This also improves stability throughout the lower back, hips, and spine.

Though crunches are generally used to shape and develop abs through the exercising of the lower ab muscles, reverse crunches are also beneficial in the sense that they increase strength and flexibility.

And the other benefit of crunch exercise is, is not harmful as it does not put any strain on your body, instead, it will fix your posture as well as defining your abs.

Crunches vs Sit-ups, Which workout exercise is the best for abs?

If you are wondering which is better between crunches and situps, you will be glad to know that crunches are your best workout exercise for anyone working towards a firm butt, abs and strong core muscles, without the need for gym equipment.

Crunches trump sit-ups workout because when you are doing sit-ups, your psoas muscles are the primary muscles being engaged, and not your abdominal exercises. Read more on Top 16 Tips For Weight Loss.

Taking that into account, sit-ups are a pretty useless exercise if your primary goal is to get your abs in shape. Instead use crunches workout routine with variations, because crunch exercises directly work your abs.

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