Early Pregnancy Symptoms Before Missed Period

Early Pregnancy Symptoms Before Missed Period, early pregnancy symptoms vary from woman to another woman, however, there are also several that seem to be very early common pregnancy symptoms normally experienced by pregnant patients in their early weeks of pregnancy:

The list does not really align all the signs in the orders it occurs, but just to give you a glimpse of what you’d expect.

Breast changes

A tender breast
Your breast is usually the first sign, and most women have different experiences with this. Some women breast can be tingly, full, sore, and painful. These things happen just days into conception because of the rise in the level of estrogen.


Around four months of pregnancy, you will be feeling sluggish and sleepy. This can be caused by lack of sleep, stress, or you experiencing Premenstrual syndrome (PMS).


Having Nausea
After conception, in just days, you will start experiencing morning sickness usually caused by pregnancy hormones, or PMS, a bug in the stomach or food poisoning.

Spotting and Cramping.

What Does Early Pregnancy Discharge Look Like


Increased sense of smell
Due to an increase of estrogen in pregnancy, your sense of smell seems to increase, but this increase can also be caused by a side effect of Premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

A missed period.

Early Pregnancy Symptoms Before Missed Period

Frequent urination

Frequent urination
One of the early sign of pregnancy before your period frequent urination usually after two weeks of conception. This is because:

  • The kidney filters extra waste in the blood
  • Because of the presence of a baby
  • The uterus grows and pushes against the bladder
  • The progesterone levels increases


This can be a sign of increased progesterone caused by pregnancy, which causes gas to be trapped in the intestine by slowing down your digestive tract.


Areolas becomes darkened
Just weeks after conception, you will begin to notice the circle around your nipples darkens, and also the diameter increases. Also, you will notice around the breast some bumps which are similar to goosebump on your areolas.


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How does the discharge look like in early pregnancy?

The discharge is called leukorrhea, a thin, milky white substance. It is caused when the amount of cervical fluid increases during pregnancy which then turns into a mucus plug.

How can I tell if I’m pregnant after 1 week?

Some of the common signs of pregnancy after 1 week are

  • Breast soreness or tenderness,
  • Nausea,
  • Fatigue,
  • Frequent urge to pee.

These signs usually don’t show up in most women until after four weeks before they start to miss their period.

Can you feel pregnancy symptoms before missed period?

Most women experience some symptoms just within days after fertilization or more than a week before the period is due. Some of those symptoms the same as we have mentioned early, but so many women still do not have or experience those symptoms.

Can morning sickness start at 1 week?

Some of the early signs at 1 week after the first weeks of fertilization include breast soreness or tenderness, nausea, fatigue, and frequent urination. In most cases, morning sickness can start in two weeks after conceiving or six weeks into the pregnancy

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