Exercises to make your bum bigger and rounder

Having a sexy big round butt is the wish of a lot of women, this is because a big butt attracts a lot of attention.
The way to a bigger, rounder and sexier butt is through exercise. The types of exercises specifically targets areas of the butt that make the muscles grow and expand into the shape one desires.

The muscles that are targeted when doing the exercises are th gluteus maximus, the gluetus medius and the tensor fascias latae. These muscles are at times obscured under layers of fats so in order to have round and bigger buttocks youll have to sculpt your muscles with various exercises.

Below you’ll find some of the best exercises you’ll need to perform to have the body of your dreams.


(1) Perform Squats

This is definitely the best excercise that can make your butt bigger and rounder.

The Squat is a compound, full body excercise thay focuses on training the hips, buttocks and thighs and when done properly, it gives wonderful results.


(2) Use Cardio Workouts

This is also the best way to exercise, and also gives good results if you want to lose weight or improve your health as a whoke.

The best thing about Cardio exercises is is they can be done indoors or out doors .

One of the best ways to tone your butt and make it rounder wheb doing cardio workouts is ti run up and down the stairs, either in an indoor gym, apartment building or in a stadium. The running up and down the stairs helps burn fats quickly, giving you quick results.

Walking long distances and climbing mountains  is also an excellent exercise that will give you good results.


(3) Do leg lifts and perform Standard Lunges

Doing leg lifts is also a great exercise. Simply stabd in front of a tall tabme and begin to lift your leg off tbe fooe, the table ia there ti support you as you lean forward and continue to lift your legs.

Lunges tone the fronts and backs of your legs and also your butt abd hips. With this exercise you simply stand with your two feet apart from each other. Step one leg forward 2 to 3 feet and bend both knees at once.

(4) Do Bridges

They are also an excellent exercise to tone and sculp your boory giving it a petfect round shape as you  wish.


Benefits of bridges

– Lifts your booty and givea it a perfect round shape

– Improves your posture

– Makes your clothes fit your even better

– Strengthen your core

– Reduces knee and back pain

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