Flea Bites

flea bites

I’m horribly allergic to the enzymes in sand flea and mosquito bites and the sand fleas always find a way to get the spots you didn’t poison with DEET!

For my money, once bitten by flea, the best stuff to use is “After Bite” (stick or gel). It neutralizes the remaining enzymes under the skin for a while and gives blessed relief from the need to scrape and scratch until you are raw. Add a nice stiff rum cocktail, and you’re all set! The active ingredient is ammonia (you can smell it!), and it really works.

I just worry about the kids and bites. Maybe my daughters, granddaughter and I will be the only victims.

As I said I’ll buy everything mentioned that I can find. Are you writing a trip report on eats and activities while you were there?

Just protect the kiddies with Off Deep Woods with 25% DEET. Make sure the ankles and feet are well taken care of! The sand fleas in Negril come out around sunset…as they do in most of the Caribbean. They were not nearly as bad this past trip in Nov as they are during the summer months. We have been taking B12 for the health benefits and we thought that may have something to do with the reduction. Who knows. Anyway…sand fleas are everywhere in the Caribbean…time of year and precipitation has a lot to do with the activity of them.

I don’t know what more could I do to prevent those ugly bites. FYI, I never went outside without a bug spray with DEET.

I’ve found relief from my itching from a little device called a Zanza Click. It shoots a little piezo-electric current into the bite (just a tiny zap) which actually seems to work to alleviate the itching. I couldn’t tell you whether it’s psychosomatic or not, but it seemed to help me.


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