Frankincense Essential oil

What is frankincense?

Frankincense is an aromatic resin which is usually used in perfumes and incense and are extracted from the genus Boswellia tree.

The frankincense essential oil sometimes referred to as olibanum, is one of the most common types of essential oil used in aromatherapy that offers a vast variety of benefits. The frankincense essential oil helps to relieve chronic stress and anxiety, reduce inflammation and pain, and increase immunity.

Frankincense essential oil has many therapeutic properties like antiseptic, disinfectant, digestive, astringent, carminative, expectorant, cicatrizant, cytophylactic, diuretic, emmenagogue, sedative, tonic, uterine, and vulnerary substances.

Frankincense essential oil when applied topically is revered for its ability to beautify and rejuvenate the skin, an also promote good health, immunity and produces a healthy inflammatory outcome.

Frankincense Essential Oils Benefits
Frankincense Essential Oils Benefits
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Frankincense Essential oil

Benefits of frankincense essential oil

1. To boost the immune system

Frankincense oil is very much effective as an antiseptic when burning the oil, the smoke it generates has antiseptic and disinfectant compounds which drive away germs. Frankincense is also used to protect wounds from tetanus or becoming septic. It is also good for internal wounds and has no side effects on them.

2. To improve oral health

Frankincense is used as a preventive measure against oral problems such as toothaches, bad breath, cavities, infections, and mouth sores.

3. Alternative for binding

Frankincense is used to strengthen the gums, root of the hair, skin lifts and skin toning, muscle constraints, intestines, and blood vessels. It protects the tooth and hair from a premature loss. It also reduces wrinkles and increases the firmness of the intestines, muscles in the abdomen and the limbs. It also helps to stop bleeding from cuts and wounds, and relieve diarrhea.

4. Menstruation Regulation

The frankincense essential oil reduces delayed or obstructed menstruation and also delays menopause. Helps to soothe menses and pre-menstrual syndrome symptoms like the pains in abdomen, nausea, headache, mood swing, and fatigue.

5. To prevent gas buildup

The frankincense essential oil target gas buildup in the body and prevents it, it removes excess gain from the intestines, relieves stomach aches, relieves pain in the abdominal region and chest, uneasiness, indigestion, and abnormal sweating.

6. To reduce scars

Frankincense essential oil help to quickly fade away scars and boil marks, acne, fading away of stretch marks, surgery marks, and pregnancy marks (fat marks) and pox either topically applied or by inhaling.

7. To increase digestion

The frankincense essential oil has digestive properties which help digestion of chronic indigestion and acidity and antacids. To speeds up the secretion of the digestive juice e.g gastric, bile, and acids which are present in the stomach and improve the movement of food in the intestines. The digestive properties have no side effects.

8. To delay the aging process

Frankincense essential oil is used to promote the regeneration of healthy cells and help keep existing cells and tissues healthy. It helps to clear sunspots, remove micro wrinkles which appear around the cheeks and eyes, tone and tighten the skin. It also replaces old dying cells with healthy cells.

The general health benefits of frankincense essential oil

  • It acts as a tonic because it tones and boasts a healthy system.
  • It improves the respiratory, digestive, nervous and excretory system.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • It stimulates urination by reducing water weight, fats, sodium, uric acid, and other toxins through urination.
  • Help to reduce respiratory issues, soothes a cough, clears phlegm in lungs, provides relief from larynx, pharynx, bronchi, and congestion of nasal tract.
  • Helps to relax the breathing, reduces asthma attack and an immune system booster.
  • Use to relieve stress, promotes mental peace, relaxation, satisfaction, and spirituality.
  • It helps to lower anxiety, anger, and stress.
  • Maintains a healthy uterus, reduces any chance of post-menopause tumor or cyst formation in the uterus (uterine cancer).
  • Help to speed up healing and protect the skin from infections, and also for healing internal wounds, ulcers and cuts.

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