Full Body Workout Without Equipment

Full Body Workout Without Equipment

Beginner Workout At Home Without Equipment

Full Body Workout Without equipment

Are you looking for the best full body workout routine any beginner can use without equipment? If you are, then you to try this Plank Workout Routine, it comes with numerous plank variation that will Surprise you. Before I begin explaining,  I will explain to you some of the things to know. 

Full Body Workout Without Equipment

What is a plank workout routine?

Plank workout is a simple high Intensive interval routine exercise, known for its effectiveness for delivering a full body workout, using your body mass as your counterweight.

Besides the endless list of plank exercise benefits, this high-intensity interval exercise can be done by anyone at home without the need for expensive gym types of equipment.

How Does Plank Workout Routine Work?

Planking exercise works by Holding the body (light as a feather) stiff as a board, which allows for effortless development of strength, primarily in the core—the muscles that connect the upper and lower body, as well as the shoulders, arms, and glutes. 

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Plank exercise benefits

There are numerous benefits of doing the plank exercise, but I will outline the best of it.

1. For strengthening the inner core

Planks help you develop stronger inner core muscles even though you also have to eat a balance/healthy diet to good results. It helps/easy for people who suffer back pain.

2. For a good posture

Plank allows you or helps you align your bones properly, and give you a good standing posture. Once there is a good posture, your body will improve in breathing and nervous system.

3. For help with back pain

Developing a good posture helps with back pain, this is because the back is not stressed as other exercises will. It also helps to train the abdominal muscles.

4. For easy movement

Generally, plank helps to build a stronger muscle in the body, allowing you to do more movements without stress. It teaches your body how to function together. 

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Types Of Plank Workout Routines.

  • Side Plank Workout
  • Forearm Plank Workout
  • Reverse Plank Workout
  • Knee To Elbow Plank Workout
  • Plank Jacks

As a full body workout routine, plank workouts comes with numerous variations. Without them, and your routine exercises will yield dismal results for you! 

Side Plank Workout

The side plank target the back, core, and arms, it helps if you want to strengthen the abdominal muscles. If you are a beginner, you have developed your balance and strength doing a side plank. 

Full Body Workout Without Equipment

How to do the side plank

  • Start by laying on your right side
  • Extend your legs
  • Place elbow under shoulder
  • Place left arm on the left side of your body
  • Draw your navel towards your spine engaging abdominal muscles
  • Lift your knees and hips up while exhaling, and hold it there.
  • Once you have completed, return to your starting position.
  • Get some rest, to the other side and replicate the same direction.

Benefits of side plank

  1. For stabilization
  2. It doesn’t put pressure on your lower back
  3. The abdominal muscle is less stressful
  4. Helps you build balance and coordination
  5. For maintaining good posture

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Forearm Plank Workout

To accomplish Forearm Plank, lower your body mass on your elbows, and hold it for 1 minute. Forearm plank exercise helps strengthen the core muscles for a strong lower back and stabilization. This exercise type focuses on the lower back, abdominal, shoulder and upper back muscles. 

Full Body Workout Without Equipment

How to do forearm plank

  • Lye on the floor
  • Place your forearms flat on the floor
  • Align your elbows under your shoulders
  • Engage your core and raise your body up
  • Your forearms must remain on the floor
  • Position your body on a straight line
  • Maintain the lift and keep it steady

Benefits of forearms

  • A strong core
  • For a better posture
  • For a strong shoulder and upper back
  • Help your body tighten and contract your core muscles
  • Keeps your low back strong and pain-free
  • It helps to pull your tummy in for a long time

This exercise fires up your core muscles and delivers a full body workout. Plank workout generally is beneficial to anyone seeking out for the best full body workout routine without the need for gym equipment.  


Reverse Plank Workout

A reverse plank is a good form of exercise because it is best for your core. It targets some important muscles in the body which includes, lower back, abdominal, gluteus, and hamstrings. Beginners can try it, but get used to common once as this exercise is common with yoga. 

Full Body Workout Without Equipment

How to do reverse plank workout

  • You should dit on a flat floor
  • Extend your legs to the front
  • Place your palms on the floor behind your back
  • Spread the hands open
  • Press and lift your hips and torso facing the ceiling
  • Maintain your body on a straight line
  • Keep trying to pull your bottom up if it’s falling
  • Drop yourself down once you’re tired

Benefits of forearm plank

  • Can be used as a rehab exercise
  • Helps to improve core and spinal stabilization
  • Help to balance the core can help you maintain good posture
  • Helps you achieve ease of movement in your daily life
  • Helps to keep you active 

Knee To Elbow Plank Workout

This type of exercise targets the abs and glutes, hip and shoulders. 

Full Body Workout Without Equipment

How to do knee to elbow

  • Lye on the floor facing down
  • Place your hands on the floor under your shoulder
  • Strengthen your legs
  • Lift yourself up into position
  • Maintaining a tight core
  • While lifted, push your knee front toward your right elbow
  • Pause, then slowly move it to the starting point 

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Plank Jacks Workout

Plank jack has been around for some time, it helps the body improve stability and muscles strength. 

Full Body Workout Without Equipment

How to do plank jack

  • Place yourself in a plank position
  • Shoulders should be over the wrist
  • keep your feet together
  • Maintain a steady straight line
  • starting opening/widening your legs. Open and close.

Benefits of plank jack

  • This is core body exercise
  • Helps the body to tighten and contract
  • Tightens hand muscles
  • Help to maintain stability
  • It targets the biceps, triceps and shoulder muscles
  • A way to boost your heart rate 

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