Guide To Affiliate Marketing

How To Become An Affiliate Marketer

Guide to affiliate marketing

If you are into Affiliate Marketing, you don’t want to wake up to something like this:


This isn’t the dream, right?  You want to make money while you sleep.

It all comes down to:

What is affiliate marketing and how does it work

  1. Building a passive income.
  2. What is Affiliate Marketing?
  3. The four parties involved in affiliate marketing:
  4. The Merchant:
  5. The Network:
  6. The Publisher:
  7. The Customer:

Building a passive income.

This is the dream for anyone looking to or who is an affiliate. Making money while you sleep, and for most people affiliate marketing is the way to getting started. The idea of being an affiliate is to promote other people’s products, getting a commission when people buy.

This is known as revenue sharing, you have a product which you want to sell, and you offer promoters financial incentives. But when you don’t have a product but want to make money, you choose other people product which has value and makes money from it.

Today, I will be talking about what affiliate marketing is, what benefit affiliate marketing has and how you can get started.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a process of promoting others people’s (company) product and earning a commission. Search for a product you are confident people will buy, promote the product to them and earn money on each sale you make.

The four parties involved in affiliate marketing:

The merchant, the network, the publisher, and the customer.

But in marketing, there are two main parties which are: the product manufacturer and the seller/promoter. So, affiliate marketing is actually a process of spreading the product creation and marketing among all involved so each body gets a share of the revenue according to the role played.

1. The Merchant:

This is also known as the product creator, the merchant is the one who creates the product. Samsung is an example of a merchant. Also, a merchant can be an individual like the creator of Gradec Media, experts in digital marketing, blogging, internet marketing, and web hosting.

Basically, anyone can be a merchant, creating a product and ensure its available to affiliate marketers. A merchant must not be involved in selling; they just provide the product and let the other parties finish the job.

2. The Network:

The Affiliate Network is an intermediary between a publisher (the affiliate) and the merchant (product creator or manufacturer) in the context of an affiliate marketing program.

The affiliate network connects the merchant and affiliate letting both to sign up to advertise and promote, for a fee.

Some example of an affiliate network program is Clickbank.

Guide To Affiliate Marketing

When promoting through affiliate network program, when choosing a product it can be anything from online courses, and the affiliate network handles all the transactions. Affiliate network makes your sale more trustworthy. Most merchants only provide their products for an affiliate to promote through affiliate programs, only a few offers direct affiliate sales.

Some of the affiliate networks you can promote consumer products are Amazon Associates.

3. The Publisher:

The publisher is also known as the affiliate, and there are different kinds. An affiliate can either be an individual person running affiliate marketing or a company seen as marketing companies running affiliate marketing.

An affiliate promotes all kinds of products and attracts customers by convincing them to buy the product. They do this not by adding extra price or charges, but by selling at the exact manufacturer’s value of the product and earn a commission when a customer buys. An affiliate can promote products by writing a review of the product, for example, Oven Reviews by

Product reviews are not only done on a page, but a whole website can use just for product reviews or review blogs, promoting different kinds of products which can be either physical or digital products.

It is the job of the affiliate marketer to drive traffic or customers to the website or just promoting a particular review to drive traffic to the site, and most importantly to make sales. Most affiliates use cunning words or use the popular phrase $1,000,000 in one month.

4.The Customer:

The customer is also called consumer. This particular party is most important in the product or affiliate circle because it is the customer that produces the final verdict. If the customer is not buying your product, there will be no commission to earn, right? Also, there will be no revenue to share around. This is where the affiliate plays a vital role in promoting through whatever medium they think will help target the market.

One of the secrets of affiliate marketing is the customer never know it’s an affiliate page with affiliate links they are on, and when they find an interesting product they go for it. But most affiliates will let their customers know about their marketing tactics hoping to will buy because they offer transparency. Also, letting the customer follow the tracking system so they see the purchase process.

Guide To Affiliate Marketing

Conclusion on Guide To Affiliate Marketing:

  1. Choosing the route as an affiliate is very easy, and which will also enable you to build good traffic which will make you a good income. But it isn’t that easy or a quick rich scheme.
  2. You can choose to be an affiliate and promote other merchants products and earn commissions.
  3. You can also become a merchant and produce your own products and allow other affiliates to promote them and pay commissions for each sale.
  4. Choosing the right product to promote as an affiliate and knowing what product to produce as a merchant. These are what will propel your revenue.
  5. As an affiliate, choosing the right affiliate network program that is guaranteed to deliver your earnings and provide security and assurance to your customers is important.
  6. Also, choosing the right affiliate network that has quality products is a vital key to your success.

I will continue to bring you more information which will guide you in becoming a successful affiliate and play a role in the affiliate marketing global stage.

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