Hangsun Foot Spa And Massager FM200 Foot Bath With Infrared Heat Review

Hangsun Foot Spa And Massager FM200

The Hangsun Foot Spa And Massager FM200 (Best bliss spa) is an ideal way to relax at home after a long day at work, and the Hangsun Foot Spa is a quality foot soaker that can give your feet one of the best treatment it needs to help you relax any tense muscles. It is a good foot spa and massager with four functions in one making it quite versatile.

Bliss Spa - Hangsun Foot Spa And Massager FM200
Bliss Spa – Hangsun Foot Spa And Massager FM200

Hangsun Foot Spa review

The Hangsun foot spa and the massager are a versatile product with four functions in one making it performs several functions that relax your feet and improve blood circulation in the feet.

The four functions include:

  1. A vibration massage,
  2. A bubble massage,
  3. An infrared heat
  4. A water heat preservation.

Other features on the foot span include two removable massage rollers, four infrared sensor heads and an automatic thermostat function that helps maintain the water at a comfortable temperature.

A convenient handle design

Hangsun Foot Spa And Massager FM200

The convenient handle design enables users to pick up the foot spa with ease and use it without any complications. You can put our feet on the handle and get a good foot massage. The rollers will massage your feet kneading every muscle and leaving you feeling relaxed and at ease.

Anti-water splash design

Hangsun Foot Spa And Massager FM200

There is no need to worry about water splashing. The Anti-water splash design protects users from water that splashes making the foot spa convenient.

There is also a non-slip rubber foot that prevents the feet from sliding when the massage process is taking place. All these features are aimed at making the foot spa more convenient.

Magnetic therapy

Hangsun Foot Spa And Massager FM200

The use of magnetic therapy technology helps give a deep tissue massage that reaches the inner muscles of your feet. These tense muscles are relaxed and kept healthily.

It further stimulates and improves the flow of blood to your feet leading to improved cell regeneration. Your feet will feel revitalized and invigorated after the massage.

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How easy is it to use?

The Hangsun Foot Spa is quite easy to use and does not have very complicated features that are difficult to use.

The convenient handle design enables you to pick it with ease and place your feet on it leaving the rollers to massage you. The non-slip feature holds the feet in place as the massage is taking place while the anti-water splash protects you from any water that might splash.

The complete kit comes with an instruction manual but to be honest you don’t need any instructions to use. It is quite easy where you fill water to the temperature of your choice and choose your preferred setting.

You can relax your foot as you enjoy the warmth of the water as the vibrations relax the muscles. The water can remain on the set temperature for up to 40 minutes due to the water heat preservation feature.

The FM200 is a great choice, and a must buy for any person experiencing feet problems. The gentle massage of the foot as the water bubbles clean and detoxify your feet feels great.

What accessories are included?

Bliss Spa - Hangsun Foot Spa And Massager FM200
Bliss Spa – Hangsun Foot Spa And Massager FM200

The Hangsun foot spa and massager comes with everything you need to get started. The box contains the following items:

  • One Hangsun FM200 foot spa
  • One year warranty
  • One user English manual There are not many included accessories as it does not require any assembling. It is one of those products you can get out of the box and start using right away.

Hangsun FM200 Foot Spa key features


  • Quite easy to use.
  • Portable, light and easy to store.
  • Quite versatile with several functions.
  • Promotes blood circulation on the foot while relieving pain and soreness.
  • Great design.
  • Does not splash water out.
  • Rubber feet that offer stability and prevents sliding.


  • Too much water bubbles over the top.

Anything else you should know?

The Hangsun is highly rated with a high average rating on Amazon. Most consumer reviews are positive ones. Features like the Anti-water splash and non-slip rubber appear to impress users the most.

Can you use Epsom salt in a foot spa?

use of Epsom salt in a foot spa

Yes! you can use Epsom salt in the Hangsun foot spa and a massager to make your foot bath much more relaxing. The Hangsun spa also works wonders when you get creative with the addition of essential oils besides the Epsom salts.

Just make sure that at the end of every use, your Hungsun spa and foot massager is properly cleaned and dry before putting it away as Epsom salts can build up into salt scale which clogs up certain foot spas, especially those with jets.

How To Use Epsom Salts And Essential Oils With Your Hangsun Foot Spa And Massager?

Using essential oils and Epsom salts with your Hangsun foot spa is very easy…

Simply pour hot water into this foot spa, add your favorite essential oils as instructed on your oil usage guide, add the Epsom salts to measure, and get ready to relax your feet inside the foot spa and massager.

Does Vibration In Hungsun Massager Help Cellulite?

Does Vibration In Hungsun Massager Help Cellulite?

Yes! Hungsun foot spa and massager is said to be a helpful must-have spa gadget at home as it may reduce cellulite by improving your lymphatic drainage.

As we age and reduce our mobility, lymphatic drainage will also plummet dramatically which can lead to serious health issues. Thanks to vibrating massager units like the Hangsun foot spa massager, you too can enjoy lymphatic drainage therapy at home while watching your favorite TV program.

If you get one of the vibrating massagers, they will also help stretch your skin tissue which in return helps to stretch out cellulite dimples on your calf muscle linning too.

Pair your vibrating foot spa and a good massage cream and you will certainly rip even more benefits, but the key component is the massaging process first then follow along with your best creams for cellulite and chapped feet skin. …

Also, know that just a foot spa and massager won’t help that much if you want to achieve an overall cellulite-free body… when it comes to cellulite you need the right tools for the job.

While Hangsun foot spa and massager may do wonders with your feet, the rest of your muscles on your body could benefit from percussion massagers and there is plenty that is affordable and easy to use.

What is the best massager for cellulite?

Here Are Some Of The Best Cellulite Massagers

Best Cellulite Massager PUREWAVE™ CM-07 Massager ORDER ON AMAZON
Best Therapeutic Massager WAHL Deep Tissue Percussion MassagerORDER ON AMAZON
Best Body Massager Styles II Therapeutic Percussion Massager ORDER ON AMAZON
Best Full Body Massager Percussion Double HeadORDER ON AMAZON
Best Portable Massager G5 GBM Handheld MassagerORDER ON AMAZON

Does a cellulite massager work?

Does a cellulite massager work?

Yes! Cellulite Massagers works very well in breaking up fat deposits building up under your skin. Swollen fit in overweight people is just one example where a cellulite foot massager with vibration capability can help stimulate lymphatic drainage.

Beyond the foot vibrating rollers for cellulite then you need to make sure that you are using specific types of massage, especially a type called myofascial massage.

This is also commonly known as the deep tissue massage which when used along with your vibrating spa and massager may help break-up fat deposits under the skin, smoothening the look and feel of cellulite build up under your thighs and calves. …

Vibrating massage units and the use of few select massage techniques enhance the muscular drainage of its lymph nodes which promotes stimulated circulation deep under your skin and break down the cellulite bit by bit.

Does cellulite worsen with age?

Yes! cellulite worsens with age especially in women whose skin is more susceptible to developing more cellulite build-up than in men. However, published reports shows that both male and females get affected by cellulite and skin sagging as we age.

What Causes

Cellulite And Skin Sagging In Old Age?

Cellulite tends to begin developing as we age due to our skin becomes saggier as it loses collagen and the gradual loss of muscle mass which accelerate in old age.

But, if you choose to use the infrared massager for cellulite, chances are that you will be able to slow down the cellulite build-up and retain a much younger-looking skin in your old age.

About Foot spas And Massagers

Foot spas and massagers are a huge part of our day to day requirement for our ease of mobility and muscle flexibility which can affect our skeletal muscle immobility if left unattended.

And this is where Myofascial release also known as MFR, self-myofascial release can become handy.

If you are new to Myofacial release, it is an alternative medicinal therapy that uses targeted foot and body massagers to treat skeletal muscle immobility and pain by relaxing contracted muscles, improving blood and lymphatic circulation, and stimulating the stretch reflex you need in muscles that are aging. (1)

Does myofascial release hurt?

Yes! using your foot massager with roller hurts a little bit in your early stages of use especially when working on tight/sore muscles. Foot spas and massage users will experience discomfort or pain but it then immediately dissipates as the surrounding nerves that were affected begin to receive a constant supply of blood, and the fascia thickening which causes muscle linning pain and discomfort begin to lose its grip.

So, If you’re new to myofascial release, expect that as you perform the self-massage and release with your massager of choice, it can be uncomfortable at first.

Is Trigger Point Therapy the same as a myofascial release?

No! trigger point therapy and Myofascial release are not the same. However, they both have a focus on reducing pain by easing the tension and tightness in the trigger points. …

Trigger points therapy can either use electronic pain stimulation like EMS to target localized pain to a specific trigger point but it can also use muscular-skeletal stimulating tools like vibrating foot spa massager with rollers to target very difficult to reach trigger points.

This is also why the myofascial release is often used over a broad area of muscle and tissue rather than other tools that work only on single pain points.

What are the benefits of myofascial release?

There are numerous benefits of Self Myofascial Release and massager tool uses for your aging body and skeletal needs. Here are a few of the benefits of Myofascial pain point release:

  • Corrects Muscle Imbalances.
  • Improves Joint Range of Motion.
  • Relieves Muscle Soreness and Joint Stress.
  • Improves Neuromuscular Efficiency.
  • Relaxes our Muscles.
  • Provides Optimal Length-Tension relationships.
  • Calves.

How do you self release myofascial release?

Foot massagers, foot rollers and pain point relief mats are some of the best Self Myofascial release tools anyone can use at home to target pain points.

Take the Self-myofascial release tools, such as foam rollers, trigger point balls, and massage sticks for example…

They have become so popular as tools of choice when you need to use corrective exercises, fitness, and sports performance.

How To Use The Corrective Exercise Tools Effectively?

  1. If you have ordered a Roll on the foam roller/ball from Amazon’s next day delivery, lay it on the floor and get it on your back rolling until you feel for the “trigger point” or “hot spot.” you want to target. You’ll know you found one when it hurts while rolling your back towards it. … The same also applies if you are using a foot massager roller to target deep tissue pain under your metatarsal.
  2. Just make sure that you are avoiding the application of unnecessary pressure on bones and joints, your goal is to specifically target muscle.


The Hangsun Foot Spa is well built and works well and helps people with feet problems. It is a good purchase that will offer you good value for money compared to other electric foot machines on the market. It promotes blood circulation in the feet helping keep them healthy. It is also good for people with sore feet as it offers to relieve.

The Hangsun FM200 is quite easy to use and one that you don’t even need to read the instruction manual. Personally, I’m very impressed and would recommend it to any interested buyer who is yet to make a decision on buying.

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