Black Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Black Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Black Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Black Hairstyles For Medium Hair can be an elusive style to achieve, with good products in hands and a bit of know-how, these women have shown to get the best Black Hairstyles For Medium Hair most women can only envy.

Take a look at what these real Black Hairstyles For Medium Hair fanatics had to say about these products. After reading so many reviews on this product, I had to finally buy it. I was very excited because everyone was raving about this it. It’s a heavy cream, almost like a pudding or a custard consistency. It’s very moisturizing and a little goes a long way.

Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie

Black Hairstyles For Medium Hair

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  1. I’ve had a perm on my hair for 36 years. I thought my real hair was nappy, unruly, dry, frizzy, and unmanageable.
  2. But, my hair started thinning and I decided to get a BC.
  3. After the chop, my hair was dull, dry, had no pattern of curls.
  4. But, I washed my hair with Design Essentials Organic Cleanse Deep Cleansing Shampoo and Moisture Retention Conditioning Shampoo and conditioned it with Stimulations Moisturizing Creme.
  5. Then, I applied a Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner (about 50 cent piece worth).
  6. Right afterward, I evenly distributed two 50 cent pieces worth of Shea Moisturizer Smoothie.
  7. I rubbed it between my hands and smoothed it from the front of my hairline to the back.
  8. Then, I massaged it in.
  9. Afterward, I smoothed it back with my hands and let it air dry.
  10. Within seconds, my curls became more defined as it dried.
  11. For the first 5 minutes, my hair had a light layer of white coating.
  12. BUT, my hair drank it up.
  13. So, within those 5 minutes, the white coating was gone.

My hair is ROCKIN!! I NEVER EVER EVER thought I could have curly hair. I didn’t think it was possible.

  1. My hair regimen includes spraying on a light amount of Roots of Nature, Mango Oil & Cupuacu Butter, Curl Reviving Spray and then applying Shea Moisturizer.
  2. Then, I take my fingers and massage my hair in a circular fashion and then let it dry.
  3. I do not brush or comb it.
  4. If I don’t use Shea Moisturizer my hair looks like a rug.
  5. It will not go into curls/coils.
  • This product is not a gel or holding formula.
  • It is a thick moisturizer, that makes your hair shrink into curls.
  • It drys lightly firm, with a good sheen.

I DEFINITELY recommend people with dry, dull, hard to curl hair using this. I am amazed at how my hair looks

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