Home Remedies Fleas – 15 Home Remedies To Keep Fleas Away


Home remedies fleas-21 home remedies to keep fleas away from your house is a step by step natural way you can apply today to keep fleas out of your home. As a pet owner, dog fleas in your house are inevitable so if you want to keep fleas away, peppermint oil which is a natural insecticide is your best option. Read more on Breaking: Sand Flea Bites In Holiday Resorts

Peppermint Oil
Regular House Cleaning And Vacuuming
Sealing Cracks Around Your Home
Diatomaceous earth
Turmeric Powder
Baking Soda Bicarbonate
Essential Oils Extracts
Citrus Fruit Peelings
Tomato Leaves
Planting insect repellent plants

1. Peppermint Oil

This one tops the list of all home remedies for fleas as it is a scientifically proven home remedies fleas will not survive on. It is easily available at the local stores and online. The strong pungent smell of this oil helps keep not only dog fleas under control, non-venomous and even venomous spiders will never stand it.

How to keep fleas out of your house is a common question on the mind of many pet owners and cleanliness freaks. Here are 21 ways to keep fleas out of your house naturally

You just have to mix a few drops of peppermint oil with water and store this mixture in a plastic spray bottle. Diluted peppermint oil lasts longer and also does not irritate the skin of humans or pets. Read more on Flea Bites – How To Deal With Flea Bites On Human And Understanding Flea Bites Images

2. Garlic


Garlic, a simple household consumable condiments is like a Jack of all trades in the kitchen, because of its strong pungent smell, it is an Ideal home remedies fleas won’t stand when you make the concussion and spray around your home. This mixture of crushed cloves of about 10-12 garlic would keep fleas out of your house and at the same time will also keep spiders away from your home.

3. Regular House Cleaning And Vacuuming

This is One Of Ideal Home Remedies Fleas Can Not Survive


If you are a pet owner, you should know that keeping your house dirty is an open invitation for fleas and other bugs to set up their homes inside yours. Home remedies fleas won’t survive are often free, however, for some reason, many folks have fallen victim to fleas and spiders because of ignoring these Ideal home remedies fleas will have no choice but keep away.

Regular cleaning of your house and a thorough dusting of every corner of the house goes a long way in keeping fleas out of the house. Using a vacuum cleaner is highly recommended for cleaning purposes since it removes both full-grown fleas as well as their egg sacks. For storage purposes, it is important that you use plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes which are more prone to attack from fleas. Read more on Flea Remedies – Find the Ultimate Flea Killer

4. Sealing Cracks Around Your Home

Most pet owners take their dogs out where they meet other pets and play in the fields where the catch and sneak fleas into your home. While in your house, fleas find themselves a second home through cracks in the windows or other small openings around the house.

You can plaster dark holes and cracks. Applying silicone caulk to these cracks will also ensure that the fleas and other bugs find no way to get inside your home.

5. Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous Earth is a food-grade powder made from ground plankton skeletons, this powder is harmless to humans and pets at home, however, it works magic as an Ideal home remedies fleas, bugs and spiders cannot survive.

It works by dehydrating the fleas and bugs when you sprinkle around the house especially in cracks where fleas and bugs are nesting. Read more on Bed Bugs vs Fleas In House

6. Turmeric Powder


Home remedies for fleas don’t come easier than Turmeric, most fleas and bugs including spiders are extremely allergic to turmeric. Just order your turmeric from Amazon or buy from a local store and sprinkle around your house.

7. Baking Soda Bicarbonate

Home remedies fleas will avoid by all means is this simple household Baking Soda. Once sprinkled around your most cluttered areas in your house, it will deter and keep away most bugs and fleas from colonizing and that includes spiders and slugs. Read more on Sand Fleas On Dogs 

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