Honey With Milk Side Effects [cold milk and honey benefits ]

Honey With Milk Side Effects

Honey With Milk Side Effects[cold milk and honey benefits ]

Surprising benefits from drinking milk and honey can be the only thing you need to keep up with the needs of your health as you strive to maintain good health, stamina and strong bone structure. In this article we take a look at some of the great benefits you get everyday, when you drink a grass of milk, mixed with honey.

Milk and honey are synonymous for their skin care properties, no wonder every luxury spas incorporates and promote the use of honey mixed with almond milk to give your body all the nourishment it needs from inside out.

Because of its antioxidant properties, antibacterial and anti fungal properties, honey is believed to be on top of the most sort after anti-inflammatory and respiratory aiding agent when consumed daily. Milk on the other hand has been known and traditionally promoted as one of the best sources for vitamins A,B and Vitamin D.

Milk is also a great source for calcium needed for your bones and lactic acids the body needs to maintain and grow strong bones and hemoglobin. The best part for milk and honey are combined is that they deliver a unified sucker punch that delivers some of the most desirable results for the well-being of a human body.

Drink Milk And Honey To Get Smooth And Radiant Skin.

Antimicrobial and cleansing properties found in milk and honey are an excellent source of the body’s self healing and radiant looking skin that glows. Many many cleanser on the market today contain milk and honey as a standard ingredient, their is a good reason for this in the cosmetics industry as they are aware of what milk and honey can deliver to your body.

Do not hesitate to fix your very own milk bath at home when ever you can, all you have to do is mix the mix and honey in equal measures and soak yourself. Popular spas around the world provide this as a center- piece to their week end specials, but am here to say that you do not have to wait for an opportunity for a visit to a break-bank resort to enjoy a nice milk and honey bath.

You can fix yourself one of for your other half when she has had a long day at work, pull out lavender candles, a bottle of organic almond milk and undiluted honey with a glass of wine for a nice evening soaking while music is playing quietly in your bathroom.

Drink Milk and Honey To Help Your Body With Digestion

If you know anything about prebiotics, then you know there is no better source for it than from honey. The one thing I love about prebiotics is that they are natural stimulants for growth and development of essential probiotics. Your body needs these probiotics in large quantities inside your gut and intestines to aid for a smooth digestion, honey and milk delivers just that.

Especially a stimulatory prebiotic that has an effect on bifidobacteria, this type of probiotics is predominantly found in milk. Now when you tie together carbohydrates and oligosaccharides found in honey, you will find that they are complimentary to each other for the healthy promotion of growing beneficial bacteria that helps to maintain functions of a health GI tract. All you need in your digestive tract is a well balanced level of bacteria that can fight and keep away intestinal irritations like constipation, cramps and bloated tummies.

Honey And MIlk To Boost Stamina

If you are struggling to maintain stamina, just drench yourself with a glass of milk and honey every morning , you will be amazed at the levels of stamina you start to amass. Milk and honey are true partners in stimulating metabolism in your body, this is because milk contains proteins while honey has carbohydrates needed to effective induce efficient metabolism inside your body. Regardless of age, milk and honey are you sure fire source of burnable energy and strength.

Naturally, the body has no capacity to absorb animal protein from milk, instead those proteins are broken down into amino acids by enzymes and then the by-product of this process is what is used by humans as bodily fuel. Your body needs proteins to burn energy so this is essential for you to make sure the boy gets enough of it.

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Drink Honey And Milk For Health Bones.

Numerous researchers have reported the integral part honey plays in transporting nutrients from food throughout the body. When the bones need plenty of calcium supplies, honey is able to provide that into the bones so it can make enough originated blood the body needs. When you dreink milk and honey together, you are simply killing two birds with one stone, your body gets nutrients for your bones and honey makes sure that a great deal of it, does not go to worst due to incompatibilities. If you want to avoid annoying conditions like inflammation of the joints also known as Osteoporosis, drink plenty of milk and honey.

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