How To Destress After Work Here’s What To Do After A Long Day At Work

how to destress after a long day at work

How To Destress After Work

Decompressing after a long day at work is just as good as having a good meal in the company of people you love. This is why if you are asking How To Destress After Work? You might consider calling up your girls to just talk anything but work!How to distress after work

After A Long Day At Work

After A Long Day At Work, I like to run a nice warm bath while my halogen slow cooker is doing my dinner, I found lavender essential bath to work magic and helps with restoring energy and relax all stress up joints.

Swollen Feet After Wearing Heels

swollen feet after wearing heels all day at work is the one thing many working mamas face after a long day at work, but there are ways to make sure that those legs are well rested and getting a good way to decompress after a days work is one of the best options available.

Sore Legs After Wearing High Heels? Use Foot Massagers 

Sore legs after wearing high heels are not news to many working mums either, that is why every mum who gets a good days work done finishing with a good relaxing evening to decompress will love you for that.

There are plenty of affordable foot massagers to buy as a gift for your better half or a friend.

Ball Of Foot Pain After Wearing Heels

Ever heard of the ball of foot pain after wearing heels? Well, it is the most common pains in the legs after heel pain. If you love fashionable shoes with high heels that tend to focus pressure on specific areas of the foot, you will experience ball of foot pain after wearing heels.

Nothing wrong being fashionable, sometimes as humans, we tend to pay attention to some things happening in our lives soon after we feel pain. Any manifestation that follows ball of foot pain after wearing heels is a sure sign that damage has already been done, therefore any steps you take from then will not be preventative measures.

How To Detox Your Body Naturally

Sesamoid bone foot

Decompressing after a long days work sometimes can mean different things to many working women. If you have been suffering from a sesamoid bone foot pain then obviously you may need to consider making drastic changes to your lifestyle so you can give your body a chance to recollect itself. Are you in the habit of tapping your toes to wear high heel shoes? Girl, we need to talk about Sesamoiditis!

What is Sesamoiditis of the foot?

sesamoiditis may not be that popular with many of you, however, the impact it has on your day to day life may dramatically turn for the worst if you happen to aggravate your feet into developing sesamoiditis.

The ball of the foot joints suffers from an ailment called sesamoiditis as the planter in the forefront of the feet starts to cause pain to the underfoot following some form of distress to the sesamoid bones under your toes and tendons that run on top of it.

What causes Sesamoiditis?

Sesamoiditis is commonly caused due to tapping your toes to wear high heels, in many cases you do not need to tape up your foot toes to causes Sesamoiditis, even doing same things repeatedly to your toes can cause sesamoiditis. Things like running, walking and gym workouts that put pressure on your toes and cause an inflammation of the tendons and bone joints. Destressing after work is one of the ways to give your feet a chance to heel.

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