How To Grow Long Hair Fast Naturally At Home

If you are battling with hair loss and want to know how to grow long hair fast naturally at home, you are not alone, millions of people are battle with the same problem. There are few known causes or reasons why people suffer from hair loss, and some of the reasons are,

Lack of nutrition

Air pollution

Lack of proper care


In other to prevent hair loss and hair damage

Eat a healthy diet,

Reduce your use of a hairdryer

Less use of harmful products for hair loss treatment

Here is how to grow long hair fast naturally at home

Ingredients needed:

Honey (one tablespoon)

Egg yolk

Castor oil (two tablespoons)

How to prepare the long hair remedy:

Mix the honey (one tablespoon) with egg yolk and castor oil (two tablespoons) together, mix until it is smooth and blended.

Apply the mixture to your hair and mostly on your scalp, while applying the mixture, massage the scalp gently.

After that, wear a shower cap and leave it for at least 3 to 4 hours, then rinse your hair.

You should repeat this method for at least two times a week.

You should see the results in no time.

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