How To Improve Hair Quality Male

How To Improve Hair Quality Male

How To Improve Hair Quality Male

Taking care of your hair doesn’t just end with the strands, it also involves your scalp. We are here to help with numerous issues of hair greasiness, build up of products, healthy growth and breakage. From the issues raised by our readers and the response from hairstylist and experts, we have gathered some interesting remedies for a complete men hair care routine. 

Age-related thinning

At every stage in our lives, our body undergoes changes, physical and mentally, so does the hair. Most men when they attain the ages of 30s and above, they begin to experience thin hair. This thinning hair cannot be completely eradicated but can be maintained and managed properly either by reducing the rate of thining or managing the already thin hair. If this is the case, then the best ways of doing this are by making the hair look fuller and well managed or maintained by using a matte styling clay. What this will do is make the hair look thicker by absorbing light. Our recommended products for this are:

Hair protein

Your body needs protein so is your hair, having an egg wash monthly can have a huge impact on how your hair is been maintained. Egg enhances the hair growth, and because the human hair is composed of 70% keratin protein, using egg protein help to repair damaged hair, fill in spots in the hair strands which are weak, and strengthen hair.

  • Egg hair mask options
  • Aloe-vera, olive oil and egg mask
  • Banana, milk, honey and egg mask
  • Coconut oil, almond oil and egg mask
  • Castor oil and egg mask 

You can read all about egg hair mask here


Getting a haircut is important, sometimes when my hair overgrows the normal length because I always have a short haircut, then I realize it’s pulling out while combing. To avoid this, always know when to get your hair looked after. 

We also have some few men short hairstyles:

  • Mens Short Hairstyles
  • Best Haircut For Men

Short Haircuts for Men

Short haircuts have been a popular trend among men during this decade. They invented several variations of the short haircut and combined them to achieve aesthetic elements that we have never seen before. The following list will give you a quick guide to the most popular short haircuts for men today.

Also included are pictures of different hairstyles. Read Here

Haircuts for men with thick hair

Men’s haircuts continue to evolve over time with fashion trends and needs of the individual age groups wearing the type of hair cut styles. Men’s haircuts for over 50 is different from that of men’s haircuts for teens or middle-aged folks. Take Short haircuts for example, which have been a popular trend among men during this decade. Read Here

Use pre-styler

Using a pre-style while hair is still damp can go a long way, mostly on the finishing. For example, a sea salt spray or serum will give your hair a nice finish. Our recommended pre-style products are: