How To Improve Your Mental Health – Good Mental Health Tips

How To Improve Your Mental Health

How To Improve Your Mental Health

Things You Can Do for Your Mental Health

Thinking of a balance in your life? Or are you wondering ways on how to improve your mental health?
Worry not, you’re not alone I have some good mental health tips for you.

At some point in life, everyone struggles with one or two problems, and many things can wrong at that point. But thinking you are the only one feeling like you do, is wrong. Remember the popular saying, No One Is Perfect, that’s true No One Is Without A Problem. This is why you have to try to be mentally fit, look after yourself and try not to let today’s problem decide your tomorrow’s future.

How To Improve Your Mental Health

Let’s look at mental health and how to improve your mental health.

What is Mental Health?

Mental health is, in fact, an absence of mental illness or a level of one’s psychological well-being. When you are performing and functioning at a rate which is deemed satisfactory both emotionally and behavioral, then your psychological state is in tandem/ balance. Mental health includes autonomy, competence, subjective well being, intergenerational dependence, perceived a self-efficacy, self-actualization of your emotional and intellectual capacity. 

Some of the things you can do for your Mental Health

The need to value yourself

How to value yourself? You should learn and be able to treat yourself in a way no one can. You should
Treat yourself with kindness and respect.

You should avoid criticising yourself, imagine criticising yourself just like everyone does, that is a straight ticket to depression.

Engage more with your hobbies and favorite projects, you know what you like doing the most, why not try that? It can be going to the gym, singing out loud in the shower, taking a long bath, anything that makes you happy, relaxed and self-fulfilling.


Expand your horizon

Start something new or challenging, I knew a friend who bought the Xfactor ticket just because he wants to try something new, he didn’t get through but he had the best moment of his life.

Never compare yourself to anyone, if they don’t know your personal life, feelings, and thoughts then you don’t know theirs, so why compare?

Your mistakes are yours, learn from them.

Take the opportunity to develop yourself mentally, physically and emotionally.

Try solving some problems, like trying to solve a puzzle.

Try something new, like planting a garden, learn to play an instrument, try learning any other language.


How To Improve Your Mental Health

You should take care of your body

How to take care of your body?

There are many ways you can take care of your body to improve your mental health, it includes:

Exercising your body.

Avoid cigarettes.

Take a quick morning meditation

Write a journal or a note before or after sleep.

Always read a book or magazine, not news because they are full sad things.

Remeber a long forgotten friend and call them.

Always make time for yourself.

Eat nutritious food.

Don’t be a technology junkie, know when to avoid them for some time.

Try new meals either cooked by you or someone else.

Get enough sleep.

Pick a weekend just for yourself and make a getaway.

Drink plenty of water, water is good for the body.

Always surround yourself with good people at all times.

How To Improve Your Mental Health

How to surround yourself with good people?

Don’t be part of the life of people known as a ‘wet blanket’, this set of people will always want the worst out of you. Families are the best, especially a strong family, improve your social connectivity, this will help you grow a healthy mind. Find yourself new activities where you can relate with fresh minds, and you can start by joining a class or a club.

Some reason why surrounding yourself with positive people is good –

  • You will find happiness with them
  • You will have every reason to laugh
  • You will complain less
  • You will learn to cope with them and others
  • You will certainly become like them (happy people)

Give to others

How can you give to others?

There is satisfactory feeling when you give, remember a saying ‘giving is receiving’, you receive when you give and that is true. You will get thanks in return, a big smile, friendship, peace of mind and more so ‘givers never lack’. Don’t give what you don’t have, but only what you have and can afford. Give to yourself also just as you give to someone in need.

Learn to deal with stress

How can you deal with stress?

There are good a bad stress, bad stress are what concern everyone. You cant take away stress from human life, but you can turn things around, and you can do this by learning some good coping skills. To deal with stress:

  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine.
  • Engage in physical activities.
  • Try relaxation techniques.
  • Keep a stress diary.
  • Be in control.
  • Manage your time.
  • Don’t accept to do things because you want to please anyone.

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The calmness of the mind

Finding time to meditate will help improve mental health, increase your ability to concentrate on important things you want to achieve. Learn to quiet your mind, relax, and meditate, these things are proven to help anyone feel calm and enhance therapeutic effects.

Aim high

Setting realistic goals is vital to improving mental health. Set your goals on achieving academically, personally, and professionally, following a set goal you have given yourself. To do this you can make plans on a step by step basis of what, how, where and when you want those goal achieved. While setting goals, do not over stress yourself, be flexible in pushing and aiming high, so you can enjoy the fruit of your labor.


Relocating where you live, can boost your mental health a lot. Imagine living in the city with overcrowded streets, vehicle noises, police siren, and everyday hustling can have an effect on mental health. Having a change of environment by moving to a more calm, cool and nature area like the countryside will improve your mental health, because of the quiet environment and a change in the air you breathe.

How To Improve Your Mental Health

Find and get help

You should get help when you need it, asking and seeking for help is not weakness, in fact, it is considered a strength. If you are or know someone who is or was a drug addict, alcoholic, or gambler, you know there is more than just the eyes can see. The didn’t just wake up one day and they stopped their addictions, they all seek help, it could be medical help, spiritual help, emotional help, or financial help to survive. If they didn’t open up to someone, help wouldn’t come, and mental health depreciated, you should speak to someone who can help or support you through the path of improving your mental health.

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How To Improve Your Mental Health

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