How to make your buttocks bigger in a day

The natural ways of increasing your butt size require a lot of time. You’ll have to do exercises, go through diets and a lot of tiresome steps to finally have the bigger butt you want.


You may be going to a party, going on date or any special occasion whereby you want to look sexy and ellegant and time may not be on your side.

Here are some of the guaranteed ways of getting the size of the butt you want in a day without wasting your time and energy.


(1) Get Yourself a butt enhancing shapewear or padding



– There are a lot of butt enhancing shapewear that will leave your butt looking round, firm, sexy and bigger just the way you want.

These shapewear include a variety of butt lift panties, leggins, jeans and many more items specially designed to lift your butt and give it a perfect round shape. The shapewears are designed to be worn underneath your clothes.


(2) Wear High Heels

Do high-heels make your butt look bigger? Yes they do! This is because they change the natural curve of your spine, making your butt appear an inch or two larger. To see if this truly works, stand in front of a mirror and stand up on your tiptoes, you’ll see how your entire body figure changes.


(3) Pick the right Clothes

Wearing the right clothes that perfectly suits your body will make your butt look big. Don’t just put on any types of clothes some  which will make you look older than your age.

Go for designer clothes, go for stretch fabrics that will hug and lift your booty rather than squashing and making it look sad.

Also Wear high-waisted jeans that will make your waist look small and your butt appear bigger.


(4) Change your Walk

Yes, the way you walk can make your butt look bigger or small.

When you are a Lady, you must teach yourself to walk like one. Walk sexy, imitate the way runway models Walk. Stand and sit straight with your shoulders square and your head raised up, keep your abs contacted and your pelvis in a neutral position. This will definitely help make your butt more prominent anf slim your torso meaning your chest will also look bigger.


(5) Cinch up your waist

Emphasize a small waist as this will make your bottom look bigger by propotion. So always wear a belt ovet your waist tieing it around the tiniedt part if you waist.


(6) Get  butt augmentation surgery

The butt augmentation surgery is quite expensive but is gives instant results. These butt fillers, injectons have gained so much popularity in recent years. However, there are prons and precautions to this surgery.

The procedure involves the transfer if fats from one parts of the body like hips, lower back or abdomen and then the fats are transferred or injected into the buttocks. The fats will make the butt look firmer and rounder after some procedures.

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