Ways On How To Make Your Hair Frizzy And Poofy 2019

Complete Guide On How To Make Your Hair Frizzy And Poofy 2019

Guides on how to frizz and de-frizz hair

Frizzy hair is common with women with thick curly hair, even though most of these women try all they can to make it go away. But here we are, the group on women with straight hair and want to have some frizz. Below this article are different guides on how to make your hair frizzy and poofy, and how to de-frizz your hair. I hope these different guides help you find what you seeking.

What to cover in this article

1. Different method for making frizzy hair
2. How do you make your hair frizzy?
3. Frizzy hair products and accessories
4. Poofy hairstyles for long hair
5. Easy ways to de-frizz your hour and look amazing

Different method for making frizzy hair

The tease method

Divide/separate your hair into clumps, and use a pin to hold them. Pick one clump (few strands) and hold it with one hand then use the other hand to hold the comb. Just holding toward the end or tip of the hair, comb the hair from the middle downwards towards the scalp. Keep doing this (combing downwards) till it is hair becomes frizzy as you want. Repeat this process for the rest of the clumps.

How to style frizzy hair

Downward method: After the teasing method, time to style frizzy hair. To do this, wear the frizzy hair downwards to your neck, and make the hair around your neck more frizz. Comb the hair to give it more volume then style it as you want.

Updo method: To style a long frizzy hair for an up-do. Push frizzy hair to the middle (upper) of the head in a round shape, and use a bobby pin to hold it. Then use hairspray on it, so it helps hold it firm.

The frizzy and puffy method

Getting that right hairstyle isn’t that easy and we know that, but help is here to provide some assistance on how to make your hair frizzy and poofy.

Here is a list of all the guides you will need, then continue below for full details on making hair naturally fluffy.

  1. Wash and condition your hair
  2. Blow-dry your hair so that it is uniformly dry
  3. Apply a light hold mousse to your hair
  4. Take a section of your hair and clip it up
  5. Make a one-inch square section of your hair
  6. Place the section of hair inside the u-pin
  7. Weave the strand in and out of the pin
  8. Spray your hair with a thermal hair spray
  9. Iron your hair in the pin
  10. Make another one-inch square section of hair and repeat the steps
  11. Take all of the pins out of your hair
  12. Brush your hair out to give it volume
  13. Spray your whole head with hairspray
How To Make Your Hair Frizzy And Poofy

How do you make your hair frizzy?

Frizzing your hair can be a great part of your costume for a particular occasion. This hairstyle is very inexpensive but will need your time and labor to have it. To learn more about how to make your hair frizzy and poofy listen to Dr. Geeta Patel on how to add volume, here are the 11 steps to make your hair frizzy.

1. Wash and condition your hair

Wash your hair with Pantene or Tresemme to remove excess oil, dirt and build up. A clean hair will take better new style and also condition it to keep it soft and healthy. Pantene and Tresemme have a heat shield shampoo/conditioner that protects your hair from any damage.

2. Blow-dry hair

After washing your hair, let it dry either by using a microfiber towel or blow-dry your hair keeping hair clean and dry.

3. Apply a light hold mousse

Applying a mousse your hair help hair hold while you are trying to create frizz. Use a small amount of mousse for short hair, and a medium amount for long hair.

4. Clip up sections of hair (handful sizes)

Clip the top/upper section of your hair so you can work with the bottom section of your hair. Use a bobby pin or hair clip to separate the section, just a handful or thousands of strands.

5. Create shapes

Use a styling comb using the pointed end make a square shape on your scalp just around the clipped hair. Use the clip to hold the base of your hair down to the scalp so that you lose the volume of your hair.

6. Weave the strand in and out of the pin

Start at the base of u-pin that is near your head and have the pin face out horizontally. Weave out the hair in and out of the pin from side to side creating a figure-eight pattern until you get to the end of the pin/clip.

7. Spray hair with a thermal hairspray

Thermal hair spray protects against heat damage and the spray will also give your hair texture and help it hold the style.

8. Iron hair

Use a flat iron/straightener on medium heat and about 290 degrees. Clamp hair with a straightener on the hair at the bottom part of the pin furthest from your scalp and then move the straightener up toward your head. Do not straighten your hair for more than 5 seconds. Repeat the process on whole hair.

9. Remove clips/pins

Once you have straightened hair, after about 5 minutes of this remove all the clips from hair. The clips/pins should be able to slide out without hassle.

10. Brush hair out to give it volume

Gently brush through hair with a volume hairbrush to create volume and avoid using a round brush.

11. Apply hairspray

Apply hairspray evenly around the hair for a firm hold and keep the frizzy hairstyle in place.

Frizzy hair products and accessories

1. ArtNaturals Tea-Tree-Oil Shampoo and Conditioner Set $25.99

  • 100% pure tea tree essential oil, free from sulfate and paraffin.
  • To keep the scalp moisturized, and act as an anti-itching and anti-dandruff.
  • Stimulates hair growth and maintain shiny hair.

2. Blow Dry Accelerator $3.65

  • This is for thermal protection
  • Makes/help hair dry faster
  • Works for all hair type

3. Miracle Styling Mousse $17.50

  • This help to keep hair firm and weightless
  • Help hair texture, strength, and perfect styling ability
  • Can be used on short styles and for up-dos style

4. Hair Clips Hair Pins Hair Twist Styling Tool $5.99

  • Easy to use to hold hair
  • Able to style hair
  • Can wear it for outdoors
  • Not suitable for very thick hair
Ways On How To Make Your Hair Frizzy And Poofy 2019

5. Argan Oil Heat Protector $14.99

  • HELP protect hair from heat exposure
  • It is weightless
  • Use on hair before ironing or blow-drying
  • Also a leave-in conditioning serum
  • Contains antioxidant argan oil
  • Works on all hair types
  • Chemical-free
Ways On How To Make Your Hair Frizzy And Poofy 2019

6. Glide Thru Detangler Hair Comb $10.77

  • This brush is firm with good quality bristles
  • Use to separate hair without affecting the scalp
  • Detangles hair
  • Help smoothes the cuticle layer

7. Kenra Volume Spray $13.41

  • For maximum volume and hold
  • Provides natural shine
  • Last all-day
  • Quick-drying and flake-free
  • It also provides resistance to humidity and wind
How To Make Your Hair Frizzy And Poofy

Poofy hairstyles for long hair

If your hair is natural, it can be a little tricky trying to get it together and make a poofy hairstyle. This shouldn’t worry you at all because we got your back. We have some 4 easy poofy hairstyles for anyone especially if you are carrying your naturally curly hair.

The first poofy hairstyle

  • Bring the hair together from the front going up, this will create a hump, then use a body pin to hold it together.
  • Once it holds together, use your hand to poof it around to create volume. Now you are done.
Poofy hairstyles for long hair

The second poofy hairstyle

  • Use your hands to gather the hair together from both sides and meet at the top.
  • Then use the body pin to hold it together starting from the bottom (roots), then use another body pin to hold the top together.
  • Now use your hands to poof it around just to give it a bit of volume both at the back and front.
  • If the front is too lapping to the front, hold the front together, then use body pin to hold the bottom then let the hair fall.
Poofy hairstyles for long hair

The third poofy hairstyle

  • Get a brush and brush the side of your hair upward, once that is done, while holding it with one hand, use the other hand and apply some gel to it.
  • Brush it upwards again while pressing hair down, use body pin to hold the front to the deck.
  • Use another body pin to hold the middle back.
  • Use more body pin to secure the hair from loosing.
  • Go to the other side of-of the hair and repeat same thing steps.
  • Once done, poof the hair around for volume and you are good to go.
Poofy hairstyles for long hair

The fourth poofy hairstyle

  • Hold the back hair together, from the bottom.
  • Twist the hair to create a huge twist.
  • Twist it tight then use a body pin to secure it.
  • Any hair that falls out after the twist, tuck it in.
Poofy hairstyles for long hair

That is it, you have a four poofy hairstyles to choose from, remember you can add your own styles and make your poofy hairstyle stand out.

12 easy ways to de-frizz your hour and look amazing

  1. Use shampoos which are gentle to your hair and can retain moisture like the Bumble and Bumble gentle shampoo, and avoid shampoos which have sulfate that will dehydrate your hair and strip the strands.
  2. Glycerin is an ingredient in hair shampoo that helps combat frizz by hydrating and penetrating hair shafts. Using glycerin shampoo will create a protective coating on your hair strands to help prevent hair damage.
  3. Applying conditioner on hair is vital in fighting frizz, especially a softening conditioner like the Cowshed Saucy Cow Softening Conditioner. When applying the conditioner, avoid the roots, start from the mid-shaft to the ends, then allow about 7 minutes then rinse the hair.
  4. Avoid shampooing your hair daily as this can strip hair, instead use hair conditioner with cleansers. For thick hair, use a conditioner for coarse hair from Philip Kingsley, for fine hair, use a lightweight conditioner from Paul Mitchell.
  5. Give your hair once a week deep conditioning treatment to fill in any gaps. Hair masking, especially on dry hair will help to keep hair soft, moisturized, and deep hydration. This can be a 30 minutes process, especially in winter times.
  6. Try using microfiber towels to dry your hair to prevent it from having friction, unlike cotton towels which cause friction. Hair friction can cause your hair to break, or damage your hair.
  7. Using moisture dry oil to act as a barrier in keeping humidity penetrating the hair. Add the oil to wet hair and blow-dry it, when it’s almost dry use a bristle brush to get a nice clean smooth hair.
  8. If you are looking to get a wave frizz-free for curly hair, use a leave-in conditioner, while hair is damp and drying, twist it into buns (2-3), using hair ties to hold it together. Apply small moisture dry oil after hair is completely dry for smoothness.
  9. If you want to maintain a good curl if you have a curly hair, after shampooing and conditioning your hair, apply some curly hair cream from Royal locks and style to your desire with fingers or styling comb then let it air dry.
  10. One easy way to avoid frizzing your hair is by using the right hair products, hair accessories, and hair tools like the right hair iron. Using hair straightener on dry hair can damage hair or cause frizz, always use it on damp hair and make sure to use the right heat spray before using hair iron from CHI original.
  11. If you are always having frizzy hair, you can use bobby pins to help hold down the hair. Also, apply some hair spray to hair so to stick together and bobby pins hold it down.
  12. Two things to avoid, a cotton scarf which causes friction, and also sleeping with a cotton pillow that causes hair to break, or damage your hair. Try using a scarf made of silk and a silk pillowcase.

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