How To Take Care Of Skin After 40 Years

How To Take Care Of Skin After 40 Years

How To Take Care Of Skin After 40 Years

Do you know to take care of your skin after 40 is a new phase of living life altogether? Imagine when you where younger ‘let’s say 30s’, your skin looks more beautiful and completely different even though you don’t take care of it as you will after 40 years old. There is a lot of work that goes with taking care of your skin.
To take care of your skin after 40, you have to be committed to it, engage in making your skin beautiful as you will with your job, do not relent. If you are to commit to finding/knowing how to take care of skin after 40 years, we have brought some easy to do guides and ideas on how to take care of skin after 40 years.

On the lighter note, saggy breast at the age of 40 is no strange thing to deal with, am sure any woman of this age will agree with me that having breastfed, lost a bit of muscle tension of the skin, the consequences are slightly saggy breasts that may need firming one way or the other. Luckily for most women, firming the breast doesn’t have to be through breast surgery, as there are natural ways to get your breast firm at the age of 40.

So, while you are slapping those antioxidant serums, exfoliating your skins and nourishing them with the best eye creams money can buy, do not forget to get those saggy breasts a bit of attention they need.

  1. Face Cleanser
  2. Use Antioxidant Serum
  3. Keep The Skin Moisturize
  4. Wear SPF Awalys
  5. Skin Exfoliator
  6. Apply Night Cream
  7. Using Facial Oil
  8. Using Eye Cream
  9. Avoid Eating Sugar If You Can
  10. Eat Food That Is Rich In Probiotics
  11. Quit Smoking
  12. Hand Creams
  13. Target Dark Spots
  14. Target Dark Spots
  15. Use Neck Cream
  16. Face Massages
  17. Treat Adult Acne (cystic zits)
  18. Using Skin Care Products
  19. Use Steam
  20. Taking Multi-vitamins And Fish Oil Supplements
  21. Get Enough Sleep
  22. Avoid Too Many Makeup
  23. Wash face all nights
  24. Drink enough water
  25. Reduce your use of smartphones at night and in bed
  26. Use cotton pillowcases
How To Take Care Of Skin After 40 Years

Face Cleanser

Face cleanser should be the first activity to engage with as a routine for any 40s adult man or woman. Using a face cleanser removes any dirt from beneath the skin which is not part of the body and to avoid the skin drying up.

How To Take Care Of Skin After 40 Years Recommended face cleanser

Foxbrim Coconut Milk and Honey Face Cleanser 

How To Take Care Of Skin After 40 Years

This natural and organic face cleanser for 40 year old, gently washes and renew the skin while moisturizing. A soothing organic aloe vera, Hydrating coconut milk, Purifying honey gel, Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, and Rosemary.

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Use Antioxidant Serum

Vitamin C and E help to protect the skin against UVA and UVB, also antioxidants help repair and prevent skin damage. By using daytime serum, you are protecting your delicate skin from further damages.

How To Take Care Of Skin After 40 Years Recommended antioxidant serum

Radical Skincare Advanced Peptide Antioxidant Serum 

How To Take Care Of Skin After 40 Years

It contains antioxidants and soothing agents which reduces even the deepest wrinkles, tones your skin, and also improve skin elasticity, firmness, hydration and softness of the skin.

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Keep The Skin Moisturize

After applying the serum, the next on the line is a moisturizer, but the serum must dry up first. Skin dryness comes with age, and once you reach 40, the skin produces oil very slowly this is when hydrating moisturizer comes into play, to hydrate the skin from outside during the day.

How To Take Care Of Skin After 40 Years Recommended skin moisturizer

At age 40, any sensible woman could use the Best Face Cream For 40-Year-Old Woman, unfortunately, making the choice on the market can be challenging, this is why we took time to find the most recommended skin moisturizers so you do not have to wonder if they deliver the desired results. Based on our user experience,

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream

How To Take Care Of Skin After 40 Years

Design to moisturize, restore and maintain a protective skin barrier, it is non-comedogenic and non-irritating. It will provide your skin with all day moisturization and increase skin hydration.

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Wear SPF Awalys

Applying of moisturizers with the recommended sunscreen protection helps to guarantee a youthful skin, as you turn into your golden age of 40. Unfortunately, not all women know what SPF means for our generation where cancer is prevalent in women under the age of 50. So make sure to apply UVA/UNB SPF 30 sunscreen to your skin always to prevent skin damage and eliminate age-related fine lines, wrinkles, and spots.

How To Take Care Of Skin After 40 Years Recommended SPF sunscreen

Skinmedica Total Defense Plus Repair Sunscreen 

How To Take Care Of Skin After 40 Years

This total defense and repair SPF 50+ protects the skin from harmful infrared rays and also help to reduce wrinkles and fine lines appearances.

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Skin Exfoliator

Using skin exfoliator a week stimulates circulation, and slows down aging by directing oxygen and nutrients into the skin and can be done twice a week. To avoid thining your facial skin, avoid manual face scrubs, and use acid based cleanser to gently remove dead skin cells.

Using skin exfoliation allows any night product to penetrate to the layers of skin and target where it is required or intended.

How To Take Care Of Skin After 40 Years Recommended skin exfoliator

Baebody Coconut Milk Body Scrub Natural Exfoliator 

How To Take Care Of Skin After 40 Years

This skin exfoliation coconut milk skin scrub made from natural ingredients to exfoliate your skin. Help to get rid of dead skin and improve healthy smooth skin.

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Apply Night Cream

Applying your skin type night cream helps to seal in moisture while you sleep, and some of them contain regenerative properties that help the skin-cell.

How To Take Care Of Skin After 40 Years Recommended night cream

Hyaluronic Acid Facial Serum Forte Night Use And Age 40+ Vitamin C  

How To Take Care Of Skin After 40 Years

This face night cream is reduced crows feet and puffiness to keep your skin nourished, moisturized, firm, boost skin hydration and elasticity.  Eliminate lines and wrinkles appear, and increase skin self-repair.

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Using Facial Oil

Facial oil is among the top ways to keep skin hydrated before heading out. You use the Oridel Liquid Gem Regenerating Face Oil for a well nourished and hydrated skin.

Using Eye Cream

The skin is thinner around the eyes and requires more ingredient mixes than the rest of your skin. Applying eye cream help to reduce puffiness around the eye in the morning and also help constrict blood vessels. The best under eye creams will also even out all wrinkle lines under the eye, keeping your morning look fresh and glowing.

How To Take Care Of Skin After 40 Years Recommended eye cream

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Synchronized Complex 

How To Take Care Of Skin After 40 Years

Night repair eye cream from Estee Lauder is an advanced eye cream that reduces lines and wrinkles under your eyes. It targets the dark circles, puffiness, dryness and uneven skin tone keeping your eyes radiant, silky, smooth and rested.

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Avoid Eating Sugar If You Can

Eating sugar contributes to you having a dull complexion and also eating junk food or processed food which contains unknown ingredients which can harm you. To avoid breakouts, try to reduce your sugar intake.

Eat Food That Is Rich In Probiotics

Food that is high in probiotics and antioxidants, this set of food are good for your gut bacteria that for a stronger immune system. If you develop a strong immune system, it strengthens your protective organs such as your skin.

Quit Smoking

Smoking shrinks your skin, leave your skin looking older and faded. Also, smoking has nothing good for the body, harms your organs, reduce your lifespan. You can try this Quit smoking aids to help you quit smoking and gain a healthy skin.

Hand Creams

Hands are an essential part of the body, yet most people tend to concentrate on the face mostly, forgetting the hands are as exposed to environmental elements just like the face. Using hydrating hand creams to keep the hands smooth and hydrated at all times. Use this Bobbi Brown EXTRA Hand Cream to keep hands hydrated and protected at all times.

Target Dark Spots

Use skin lightener to eliminate dark spots/age spot known as hyperpigmentation. With skin lightening treatment, your skin dark marks should disappear in no time.

How To Take Care Of Skin After 40 Years Recommended skin lightener

Dark Spot Eraser “DSE” by Innoaesthetics 

How To Take Care Of Skin After 40 Years

This dark spot eraser fades dark spots, brown spot pigmentation, brightens complexion, skin tone appearance and smooths skin texture. It is effective and gently controls melanin. It contains plant-based ingredients such as retinol, kojic acid, salicylic acid, and licorice extract.

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Use Neck Cream

Using neck cream to reduce fine lines and wrinkles which appear on the neck. Just as your face, the neck also has its own cream, because once the aging process kicks in, the neck skin also begins to breakout and that is why you can use a neck cream to make sure you are covered on all sides. Try the CEL MD Neck Firming Cream for anti-aging, chest wrinkles, and double chin reducer.

Face Massages

Massaging the skin while applying the moisturizer help to break the lymphatic fluid. The lymphatic fluid is responsible for getting rid of toxin build up under the skin, these toxins are the reasons behind that puffiness around the cheek and eyes.

How To Take Care Of Skin After 40 Years Recommended Face massager 

Peipai Anti Aging Face Massager, Micro-current Vibration

Treat Adult Acne (cystic zits)

You will notice these common cystic zits appear on your skin, this is due to a change in hormone level as you age. Usually swollen and painful and grows underneath the skin (dermis) and creams don’t get rid of them. You will expert treatment for this.

Using Skin Care Products

When buying skin care products, like lotions, scrubs, and essence, pick beauty products with this ingredient, peptides, it protects the skin from environmental elements such as pollution, smoke (cigarette) and other irritants.

Use Steam

Steam from a moist and warm room helps to purge out hiding dirt, open pores to allow any skin treatment to penetrate properly.

Taking Multi-vitamins And Fish Oil Supplements

Multivitamin supplements one of the best ways to make sure you get the right vitamins and minerals in your diet that your body needs for healthy skin. Fish oil supplement is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, it helps to reduce inflammation and increase hydration. Acne, skin sagging, fine lines, and wrinkles will disappear if these supplements are taking regularly.

Get Enough Sleep

Getting up to 8 hours sleep will not only make you healthier, but also your skin will regenerate looking smooth and healthy.

How To Take Care Of Skin After 40 Years

Avoid Too Many Makeup

Choose your line of makeups, because all these makeup products are made from different chemicals and mixes can cause reactions to your skin, use sheerer, hydrating tinted moisturizer as a foundation instead.

Wash face all night

Drink enough water

Reduce your use of smartphones at night and in bed

Use cotton pillowcases

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