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Is my finger jammed or broken

Jammed fingers, broken finger bones, and sprained finger injuries are a common occurrence if you are actively involved in sporting games like Jiu-jitsu, basketball, netball, weight lifting, and many more… But, how do you really know if your finger is jammed or sprained?

In this article, we explore common sports finger injuries that sometimes may look like a sprained finger when it is a broken finger.

So, Is my finger sprained or broken?

No! your finger is not broken rather sprained! Any finger that has sustained a sprain injury may exhibit slightly same symptoms to those of a jammed finger or broken finger. The only way to explicitly tell if you have a sprained finger or a broken finger bone is to be seen and x-rayed by a doctor.

Here’s what to watch out for finger sprain injuries, jammed finger or broken finger injuries: Your finger is broken if it is extremely painful than the pain you would experience if it was just a sprained finger or a jammed finger.

Secondly, any broken finger will have immediate symptomatic swelling characterized by severe pain that can be unbearable when you try to move your hand or fingers altogether.

The good news about sprained fingers or jammed fingers is that they both may be treated using a splint. A quick note for anyone dealing with jammed finger or a broken finger is that you need to make sure that you have it checked by a doctor even if there is minimal pain compared to the expected severe pain and swelling that some times can take hours or even days to manifest due to adrenaline the body produces naturally, following the injury. …

Without visiting your local doctor for a medical check-up. it is still not clear whether the finger is jammed or broken, a doctor may take an X-ray to confirm the diagnosis.

Fractured Finger

Because fractured fingers are common, you need to know what to do when it happens. The majority of fractured fingers may be deemed as a stable type of finger fractures. What that means is that if it is aligned and tapped to another finger, it will heal over time.

However, if it is an unstable finger fracture, tapping it to an adjacent finger may not heal it! Fractured fingers with unstable bone structure will require to be immobilized to allow the finger to heal from the fracture. And if you visit a doctor with a fractured finger, they may asses to see if your jammed finger will require a splint applied to it or just an ordinary tapping of the finger after aligning the injured finger.

How do you heal a fractured finger?

For stable fractured fingers, tapping your fingers to an adjacent finger will allow the fractured finger to begin healing. But, if your finger injury results into unstable fractured finger injury, only a visit to your doctor will kickstart your healing process of the fractured finger after the broken bone has been put back into place.

As such jammed finger treatment will not require, getting a splint or cast to hold your fingers straight and protect it from further injury while it heals is the only reason why you will need to visit the doctors.

I mention applying a splint to the jammed finger here, and this is only done as a way of keeping the injured fingers support it needs to begin healing. So, your doctor may recommend applying the splint to the fingers next to the fractured one, not as a sign of the severity of the injury, rather for the sake of providing additional support.

First aid to Jammed Finger

If you have sustained a jammed finger injury, your first aid must begin by making sure that you have tapped your jammed finger to an adjucent finger. There are numerous finger tapping resources including medical tap.

Many sports pros use leukotape to secure jammed fingers before seeking help from a doctor who asses the jammed finger to determine if it is just a mare jammed finger or broken finger that may require further supporting structure as it is healing .

How long does it take to heal a broken pinky finger?

4 to 6 weeks is how long it takes to heal a broken pinky finger from the date a splint treatment of the injured finger has been applied.

How long does it take to heal a broken pinky finger?
How long does it take to heal a broken pinky finger picture

Though the majority of fractured fingers won’t require surgery, seeing an emergency doctor or an orthopedic surgeon is encouraged. Orthopedics doctors are the ones who will do the initial assessment and decide whether the treatment must be tapping the fingers or applying the splint that stabilizes the broken fingers for jammed fingers or fractured fingers.

As said before, most jammed fingers may seem serious, but finger fractures considered to be stable. So, in that case, treatment may be as simple as splinting the injured finger to another by taping them together using leukotape.

And, in the event of a splint being applied, it will be left in place for about 42 days(6 weeks) making sure that no strenuous pressure or unauthorized exercise is done.

Jammed finger

Jammed finger injuries are when your finger receives a direct impact from either basketball rebound, Jiu-jitsu mishap, a hard-hitting volleyball or weight lifting that cause mild to severe pain. Jammed fingers often cause extreme pain that can also escalate into swollen finger joints or knuckles.

Jammed finger VS Broken finger

A jammed finger is not as painful as a broken finger tend to be, however, both injuries are serious finger injuries that may require immediate splint treatment by an orthopedic doctor.

 Broken finger injuries are also uniquely distinct from jammed fingers as broken fingers are associated with severe pain and swelling that lasts for hours if not days.

With broken finger injuries, a doctor may not even attempt to ask you to move your fingers as part of their severity assessment, while with a jammed finger, the pain is not usually severe. … A doctor will also ask the person to try to move their finger.

Jammed Finger Symptoms

If you have a jammed finger, your injury will be characterized by swelling and stiffness of the finger knuckles. A visibly swollen finger is also a part of the symptomatic to a jammed finger injury which may also cause swelling, immobility (difficulty moving the finger) and pain.

Other common signs of a jammed finger also include:

  • pain, but usually not severe.
  • stiffness.
  • weakness, or difficulty holding onto an item.
  • redness and swelling.

How long does a jammed finger take to heal?

21 to 42 days (or 3 to 6 weeks) is how long a jammed finger takes to heal from the date of applying the splint treatment of tapping your fingers to adjacent fingers.

These calculations are based on moderate to medium sprained finger injuries which have been studied over time as to often get to full recovery within the 3 to 6 weeks for the finger injury to heal in its entirety.

It must also be stated that no jammed finger injury is equal to any other, therefore such recovery timelines are largely dependant on the extent of the injury, the severity of the finger injury or torn finger ligaments which are also known take anywhere between two to three times longer to heal than mild or moderate finger sprains.

heres How long it takes to heal a broken pinky finger

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